Thursday, July 30, 2009

All Hail the Great Jillian Moreno

Today I'm starting the Knitting at Large Hall of Fame to recognize designers who create fabulous patterns for the ample among us. Jillian Moreno is the first recipient of the award because her sweater designs are amazing! Plus she's just come out with Cambridge, Volume 4 of her Curvy Knits series.

You probably notice the obvious: Curvy Knits uses plus-size models only. God bless them! How wonderful to see a plus-size design on a gorgeous plus-size woman. Don't show me some damn skinny bitch in an ample sweater... I can't begin to imagine how I'd look in that tiny, size zero pullover. Give me a girl with some curves, dammit!

Published by Classic Elite Yarns, Curvy Knits offers fantastic sweaters with up to 60-inch finished bust sizes. That's great! But the best part is that every single sweater is to die for. Jillian is full-figured herself, so she absolutely gets it. She knows amples can't do chunky yarn, horizontal stripes, or cropped cardigans. In fact, Jillian and Amy Singer wrote the book (or books in this case) on plus-size knitting: Big Girl Knits and More Big Girl Knits. If you want a primer on selecting sweaters for your own particular ampleness, buy these books or get them from the library. They're on the top of my bookshelf, first in line.

And if you're into freeware (freewear?), check out Jillian's designs on She founded that venerable knitting site with Amy Singer, too!

Curvy Knits Cambridge offers a true dilemma: which one should I knit first?! I would wear every single one of these sweaters. In fact, I would buy them off the rack if any knucklehead buyers would procure them for their retail outlets. (Why, oh why is it so hard to buy a great sweater for a full-figured woman? I guess I'll leave that question to a future blog post.)

The other Curvy Knit volumes are also terrific: Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3. I own them all. If you can afford the booklets, please buy them. Yarn companies only continue to offer products that sell. If we don't show our support with our dollars, we won't be able to buy great booklets like these in the future.

So thank you, Jillian Moreno for all you do to clothe the ample among us. I'm looking forward to Volume 5 - and to finishing up what's on my needles now so that I can knit up one of these beautiful Cambridge sweaters.


  1. I was not aware of this new publication coming out. Thanks for posting it on the blog.
    I do have the ther booklets, but find them so very difficult at times since I need a pattern spelled out step by step. Some day when I am completely gray I imagine I will have gained the know-how.
    Thanks for posting this.

  2. Teresa, my bff's sister starts every project by rewriting the pattern out in longhand that she can understand. I feel like that's kind of what I've done with the Ditto sweater. I've got a preplanned route... let's hope I up where I want to be. Thanks for reading my blog, btw!