Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ditto: Yarn Selection

I've got visions on yarn dancing in my head. Nothing new there... I've always got knitting project cogitating in my brain. As an experienced graphic designer, I know that envisioning the final product always benefits a creation. When I'm designing a logo, I see it done. Then I go about creating it. Same thing goes with knitting.

I started out thinking I'd use the new Briggs and Little Selkirk yarn that is on it's way to me from Ram Wools. Unfortunately, the package is apparently on the slow boat from Canada and I want to start work. Plus I think Ditto might be better in a softer, drapier yarn that includes some fiber other than wool.

I hit my stash. I'm too broke to go to the LYS and spend over $100 for this project (dammit). I wish I could waltz in, sidle up to the Rowan, Debbie Bliss, and Berroco shelves and pick the just-right yarn - but I can't. I just can't right now. I wish I was recession-proof!

Plus I've got TONS of yarn stuck everywhere in my abode. People are starving in Africa and I've got skeins and skeins I could feed them if it wasn't so damn hot there and yarn was actually food. I also am trying diligently to choose a better way of living that doesn't rely on accumulation. So I'm using what I've got.

I went digging through my closets and cubbyholes and found three choices: Brown Sheep Serendipity Tweed, Knit Picks Simply Cotton Worsted, and Naturally Caron Country. I'm incredibly embarrased to admit that they are all the same damn color! I love natural creams and whites, but do I really need to buy three different yarns in cream? (I'll admit another secret: I've also got nearly 2,000 yards of white Simply Cotton DK, too.) Ridiculous! Enough with the offwhite yarn!

I swatched all three and decided to go with Country because of it's soft drape and sheen borne of its merino wool and microfiber blend. Let's hope this isn't a mistake. I wish I could afford to go buy the recommended Berroco Latitude just to give this project the best chance of success. Oh well...

Now I'm off to cast on while riding the exercise bike and watching Hilary Clinton on Meet the Press. Thank God I can multitask. :-)


  1. I hear you loud and clear about not being able to afford the yarn suggested by the companies.
    I wanted SOOO badly to use a lovely navy Donegal tweed yarn for my Central Park Hoody, but the yarn would take me to almost $200.(Yeah, right! I can afford that today). So I settled for an acrylic and just perhaps I will be able to afford to be a yarn snob and use a fine merino on my next project.
    I absolutely adore your graphic of the house bursting at the seams with stash! Cleverly and artistically done.

  2. Yes, it's awful... it costs a fortune to buy 1750-2500 yards of any yarn, even if it's only $2 a skein. But that's what it takes for me to make a sweater...

  3. oh... and I wish I could claim authorship of that cute exploding house/yarn image, but alas I cannot. Wish I knew who did it... I'd give her an attagirl!