Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rib-it rib-it

Not talking frogs today. Instead, I'm talking ribbing for my Desperately Seeking Ditto sweater.

After casting on the required four million stitches (one of the many woes related to knitting an ample-sized sweater is huge stitch counts), I knitted the prescribed 2.25 inches of ribbing. One of the interesting things is that the pattern has you cast on 15% more stitches than you'll need for your finished hip size; after the ribbing, you then decrease stitches by 15%. This gives you ribbing that won't gather in at the bottom but won't flare our either. Nice.

I received some mystery yarn in the mail this week: K-Angora. Who in the heck has ever heard of Kartopu Yarn? Apparently it's from Turkey and is from the company that makes Ice Yarn (another brand I know little about).

I found K-Angora online while shopping for yarn to make Nicky Epstein's Berry Cluster Pullover from Knitting on the Edge. I want to wear this beautiful sweater to wear to my family's Christmas get-together (assuming the good ole Ditto turns out well and I have confidence that I can upsize it correctly).

As I mentioned in a previous post, I love cream and white yarns - and am embarrassed that I've bought another one! But I do think this sweater done in white and trimmed in pearls will be lovely.

Oh, and since I'm not supposed to be acquiring new yarn, I'll tell you that the Kartopu Angora is inexpensive (denial is more than a river in Egypt, as they say). A 100-gram skein costs about $6, but you get over 500 yards in a skein! Here are the details about K-Angora: 40% Angora, 15% Mohair, 45% Acrylic. 547 yards/500 meters each. Needle size 3-3.5 mm /US 4. I'm knitting the sweater double-stranded with a size 7 needle. You can purchase K-Angora at Yarn Paradise.

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