Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The damn plackets! :-(

My online knitting gal pal, Teresa hates to sew. She loves knitting, but sewing together knitted pieces is an eternal annoyance. She always gives me lots of praise and support, but thus far has only ever asked me one question: How much sewing does that sweater need?

I bragged to her earlier this week that I am an accomplished seamstress. I cut my teeth as a fabric store assistant manager; I was in my early 20s and was (very unwisely) taking a break from college. That fabric store job taught me two very important life lessons: one, how to sew well, and two, how to get your sorry ass back in college so you don't make minimum wage the rest of your life. Funny how being really, really broke brings you back to your senses - and school books.

Anyway, I am now lamenting ever telling Teresa that I am a good seamstress. Why? Because last night I started sewing on the plackets for my almost-finished Ditto cardigan. I thought to myself, how hard could this be? That was at 7:00 PM. By 1:30 AM, I'd ripped the plackets out three times and had used the F word more liberally than a sailor. By the time I went to bed, finally, maybe, one of the plackets is sewed on okay. Maybe. I think so. It needs to be blocked to get some of the weird curviness out of it, but I think it will work. Fortunately, I started on the button side so it will be covered with the buttonhole side. With all this hard-won experience, I am hoping the buttonhole side will go on much better than its predecessor.

This morning, I found the video Berroco suggests you watch BEFORE you sew on the placket. Of course, I didn't watch it BEFORE because I am an accomplished seamstress! But now that I know how lame I really am, I watched it in interest. And since I know several people are following this blog because they want to make this sweater, I present it here along with the admonishment that you watch it BEFORE you start sewing on your placket!

I'm hoping that by tomorrow this sweater will be done, photographed, blogged, and on Ravelry. Of course, that depends on that last placket. Let us pray...

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  1. You bet your sweet bippy I hate seaming!
    Thanks for the videos on seaming, julie.
    I see that instructor just wielding her blunt needle in and out of those stitches so fast. You should see ME,my brow all knit together, painstakingly trying to first see where the stitch is to sew and then aiming to get it right so the pieces match.
    I hate it.
    I did join Pam's Knittingfromthetop yahoo group hoping I could get some company knitting top down sweaters and conquering the problem of lots of extra underarm material because of the large bust accomodation,, but the majority of the members were into baby wearables, not ample at all, at all.
    I wish you luck and relaxation as you seam.
    Fortunately there isn't tons to do.
    I have started the other front..finally.