Thursday, August 13, 2009

Finally rolling up my sleeves

WHEW! My endless Ditto stockinette trip, akin to driving from my home in Maryland to Aunt Dixie's home in Indiana, is finally over. About time! It seems like it took forever, but when I finally finished I realized I've already knitted more than half the sweater. Woo hoo!

Now I'm working on the first sleeve. The sleeves are only six inches long since they're joined into the yoke, so they won't take long. And then finally I'll get to work on the yoke which should be a lot more interesting and intellectually stimulating than what I've done thus far.

But most of all, I want to know if it fits! That will be hard to tell until I get the yoke on it. Then we'll see. Until then, prayers are heartily accepted.

I've got visions of other projects dancing in my head, too. I want to get back to the Fiesta Shawl, and then to the Posh V-Neck Cardigan that I'm going to knit along with my online knitting pal, Teresa. I ordered some Knit Picks Merino Style Yarn in Fairy Tale earlier this week. There's absolutely nothing - NOTHING! - in my stash that I could use for this project. *rolling my eyes*

Since I bought new yarn (that I'm not supposed to buy), I'm selling some stash yarn on eBay. That makes me feel a little less guilty. Just a little.


  1. Sleeves! Coming right along! I am not slacking off on my CPH and I have just reached the Armhole decreases. You knit very fast.

    I adore the Fairy Tale color. Had to go over to KP to look it up since I was not familiar with it.

    I will probably go with something new from the Yarn Shop to treat myself. I do have about 10 skeins of the KP Asparagus, but I would like something for fall rather than a color more suitable for Spring like the Asparagus I have.

    Shawls...I wish I could wear them. People tell me I look old when I do..just not me. in the winter I sometimes throw a Pashima shawl over the shoulders of my coat, but that is about it. I admire gals who knit them;I always wanted to learn how to do the Lady Eleanor.

  2. Teresa, you go, girl! I'm on my way to the LYS now... they've got 30% off on some yarn. Pray that I have some self-discipline...

    I'm anxious to see the latest CPH. I read today you're not doing a hood... what kind of collar are you planning?

    Thanks for reading this blog... it's nice to know that someone is besides me!

  3. I love the majenta!
    I am going to knit a plain ribbed collar
    which widens out from a broader button band.
    (couldn't get a link to work on the blog))

    Now about visitors..I bet if you got an invisible counter and added it to your blog you'd find there are more people visiting than you imagine. Not everyone posts. I am a knitting blog lurker!