Saturday, August 22, 2009

I heart Sue McCain

Another designer who deserves to be in the Knitting at Large Hall of Fame (along with Jillian Moreno) is Sue McCain from Vermont Fiber Designs. I'm going to do a full shout-out for her soon, but I couldn't wait to write about her newest pattern, Top-Down Empire Waist Pullover.

This thing of beauty is perfect for my curvy figure assuming I can get that waist measurement right. If the bodice is too short, it just won't work; I don't like empire garments tucked up under my boobs. I want a little space - at least! - below my bosoms. Now that I think of it, I wore a dress yesterday from Making it Big that hits just right. In fact, every empire dress from Making it Big fits me perfectly. Here's a short video of me dressed in a MiB dress posing with my dress form. (Very unattractive initial frame, but my smile improves the video in short order.)

Gotta run... I've got to go do a ton of Saturday stuff, but I promise to write a full tribute to the great Sue McCain soon.

1 comment:

    That empire dress DOES become you.
    Hey thanks for including the link to the clothing their tunics.