Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm trending with the trendy!

In the great big football field of fashion, I'm on the sidelines. I don't play ball and I'm not a cheerleader either. I care how I dress, but I'm not part of the action. I don't subscribe to fashion magazines and you'll never see me in Manolo Blahniks. I'm a Crocs girl. I'd don't care if they're not sexy nor that they're no longer in style. Crocs are mega comfortable and that's all that matters to me.

Trends take a l-o-n-g time to trickle down to the plus-size market - if they ever get there at all. That's why I buy classics that last well after the trend train has left the station. But once in a while, I do wish I could be on the front of the Style Express.

Imagine my surprise then when I found this advertisement in our local newspaper. Paula's Boutique, a local shop that offers the latest in fashion, is selling my Ditto sweater. I can't believe that I'm in the cab of the fashion train and in a sweater I made all by myself!

Another stop along this fashion route: a radial yoke shirt on - and in my size, too. (I'm passing this one by though since I like the color nor the placket tie.)

So as my girlfriend Theresa so often says, "Check me out!" I'm a hip chick today... and here I thought I was just a hippy chick - and not in a late 1960s way either. I guess that makes me a hip hippy chick! That's fine with me.


  1. ...and some of the trends are horrible when, unfortunately, they do catch little cardis designed not to meet in the middle, yet are written for 3-4x bust! Ha!

    I am not surprised that you found your Ditto in a Mag.
    I often see the Minimalist Cardi and the Buttercup top on tv commercials and even actors on shows.
    Since this summer when I first encountered this I've been wondering just who copies who..where did the pattern idea come from.
    Even down to the lacey design on the yoke of the Buttercup the pattern is the same. go ahead with your crocs!
    (shhhhh..don't tell anyone, but I still have my Berkenstocks)


  2. Oooo... I despise those sweaters that don't meet in the middle. Awful! At least for amples. Another pet peeve: shrugs. If you've got more than a B cup, you shouldn't be wearing a shrug IMHO. On an ample, they just look like you washed your sweater and it shrunk a whole lot!