Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Looks like it's going to fit anyway...

By jove, I think my Ditto is going to fit. Here you can see it roughly pinned to my duct-tape dress form. I'm a bit dubious about the dress form, especially in the upper body; we really should have done the neck, too but I was keeling over from the heat. The result is an unnaturally rounded area around where my neck should be. Oh well. Good enough for government work, as we say so often here in DC.

I'm glad the sweater is going to fit, but seeing it on the dress form makes me worry about the ribbing. I wish I hadn't done any ribbing at all, but I wanted to replicate the pattern as closely as possible to see if my upsizing method works. I'm hoping that when it's blocked, the ribbing won't hug in around my butt and belly so badly. PRAY.

I found some vintage buttons on Etsy last night. I like how the sunburst motif echoes the yoke pattern. We'll see how it looks when they get here; they were inexpensive, so if I hate them, I'll look for others.

Now that I've gotten this far with the sweater, I wish I'd used better yarn. Maybe after blocking I'll be happier; in this stage of every knitting project, I'm discouraged because the piece always looks like a wrinkled, sloppy mess. But I don't want to abandon my project now. A finished-if-imperfect sweater is better than the perfect-but-never-made sweater in my head!

So I knit on. At this part of the yoke, I'm knitting the largest number of stitches in the project, so it's a bit slow going. I'll be glad when I can start decreasing - and will be happy to finish this up and knit something else. Maybe God/Universe wants to me enjoy the ride, but as usual I'm focused on the destination. Are we there yet??? :-)