Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Plodding along

Sigh... I'm in the middle of miles and miles of stockinette stitch for my Ditto. Not much to say other than I feel like I'm driving to Aunt Dixie's house in Columbia City, Indiana, from my home in Maryland. It's an endless sea of stupifyingly boring interstates: I-270 to Breezewood to the Pennsylvania Turnpike to Pittsburgh to the Ohio Turnpike to the Indiana Turnpike and finally, finally, finally heading south on 27 to Fort Wayne and then onto 69 and then Route 30 and finally, finally, finally I'll be at her house. FINALLY.

So, using this analogy, I'm just about in Pittsburgh - with miles to go before I sleep. As I said, I'm plodding along. One stitch at a time. Over and over again.

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