Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fixed by frogging

After wise counsel from my online gal pal and fellow ample knitter, Teresa, I frogged my Diamond Yoke Cardigan to remove the unsightly M1s (see my previous post). She suggested a variety of different M1 techniques, and I settled on Elizabeth Zimmermann's backward loop method. You can't lose with EZ - nor Teresa!

This video shows the backward loop technique to cast on, but it's the same technique when increasing stitches, too. (Thank you, Lynn for pointing out that the previous video I had posted here was on yarn overs, not backwards loops.)

I frogged back the body to before the increase row and altogether threw away the sleeve I'd made. I started the sleeve over again yesterday using the backward loop method - and it works much better. Here's proof:

Teresa is right - I would have hated having all those little holes everywhere. I despise frogging, but knitting a half-ass sweater is even worse. It takes so much time and effort to make a garment. Might as well do it right... maybe not the first time, but at least the second or third. :-)


  1. I can see a noticeable difference and it's lookin mighty fine!
    I am glad I can be of some help, even if only to pass on a little bit of info I stumbled over in my summer knitting!
    Still..I can't get over how FAST you can click those needles! You could probably whip out a sweater in a week and a half if it was without cables or chart and in simple st st or garter!

  2. Yes - I could knit a sweater in 10 days if I didn't have to work, walk the dog, cook, clean, or any number of other disruptions! Wish I could retire and just knit!

  3. I've watched the YouTube video but it appears to be showing how to do yarn overs not increasing through the back loop. Is that what you meant to show or has it somehow glitched for me?

    I've recently discovered your blog and have to say I'm really enjoying reading about your knitting endeavours. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lynn, thank you so much for the kind words and for reading my blog. And for pointing out the problem with the video. I tried to post the video that Teresa sent me, but for some reason it wouldn't post through Blogger. Anyway, keep coming back - and thanks again!