Friday, September 18, 2009

Every girl wants a big diamond

Every girl wants a big diamond - especially me!

I am working away on my Diamond Yoke pullover. After a few sputtering false starts, I'm now a lean, mean knitting machine. Well, there's nothing about me that is ever particularly lean (or mean!), but I do knit pretty fast, especially when I spend every night watching Dexter reruns and needling away (what a great show, btw).

I'm happy with my progress. The diamond cable pattern is easy as long as you pay attention. It's just complicated enough to engage my brain; I don't nod off from boredom nor am I eternally frustrated because I can't figure out the stitches.

I'm interested to see how this sweater will wear. In the Classic Elite model garment, it looks pretty... stiff... for the lack of a better word. I think mine is going to have more drape because I'm using a cotton blend yarn at a larger gauge. Hopefully the cardigan will be pretty though. I've already got a blouse in mind to wear with my Diamond. If the sweater turns out well, I'm wearing this ensemble to our Thanksgiving celebration/family reunion. Where does the time go? Thanksgiving is just a couple of months away...


  1. It is really a pretty pattern and coming out nicely!
    As for nodding off..I never drank so many cups of tea as this summer working on the st st in CPH! Great for those who can't fall made me drowsy in the middle of the afternoon!
    dexter? DEXTER?! I watched that show a few times and it left me with the thought "How many dexter types are out there in reality..scary with the reports of all the missing people, especially kids around here. It scared me to the point of going "Cozy Mystery" for a long while.

    Lookin' Good!