Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jared Flood is a genius

Have you seen Classic Elite's new booklet, "Made in Brooklyn" by Jared Flood? OMG, it's wonderful. It is one of those rare pattern books where I could make almost anything in it and be happy.

Jared Flood's versatility defies logic. Most designers have a look, a feel, something that makes you know it's theirs. Not Jared. He does Fair Isle. Lace. Cables. Simple. Complex. You name it, he designs it. And it's all wonderful.

For ample knitters, he's a dream come true, too. His cute Rockaway hooded cardigan goes up to a 54.25 finished bust size (although I'd avoid this one with the huge horizontal stripes, but that's just me). One of my favorites, Huron, is offered with a finished bust size up to 57 inches. I'm just crazy about this elegant Fair Isle pullover. I want to make it but add some waist shaping (after my Ditto sweater, I'm sold on waist shaping).

I also really like Seneca, which sports a gorgeous cable yoke neckline. I'd love to knit this sweater, but I'd have to do a lot of figuring before I tried since it only goes up to 48 inches. Upsizing would be tricky because the yoke would have to be expanded with additional cable repeats. Maybe I could do it... maybe. I've going to cogitate on this one.

One disappointment: the mega-cute Redhook vest only goes up to 45 inches. This simple tunic design would be a natural for ample women, but unfortunately larger sizing isn't provided. The pattern would be easy to replicate in Sweater Wizard, so maybe I could try that - and add some waist shaping, too. You can tell Jared Flood is a skinny dude because almost none of his designs have curves!

Finally, I'm anxious to knit the gorgeous Willoughby stole/scarf. It's the prettiest scarf I've ever seen. Jared says, "Oh how I love working up lace in dk and worsted weight yarns - I love seeing the construction of the work, direction of stitches and the 'pop' of a lace pattern in these heavier-than traditional yarns." He proves his point with this beauty. The sample is knitted in Classic Elite Marly, a new 100% cashmere yarn that retails for $49.99 a skein! (There are 190 yards per skein, but still!) The Willoughby calls for four skeins. ACK! $200 for a scarf ain't happening here. I'll have to find something else, but I've got to admit it's stunning.

As you can see, I heartily endorse "Made in Brooklyn." One or more of these beauties will be in my queue soon. Sigh... so many projects to knit, so little time...

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