Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Love the pug!

Last night, I finished up my Fuzzy Mitten Pug. Isn't that cute little red raglan sweater adorable? I wish I had one for myself. I'd make one for Moose to match, but he'd never wear it, probably not even for the picture!

It was fun to take a break from sweater knitting to whip up this little creature; it only took me two or three days, so it was a very quick knit. The pattern was very easy to follow and I'm pleased with the results. Moose isn't too impressed, but that's probably because he's sleeping - as usual! Anyway, check out the terrific Fuzzy Mitten animal patterns; they are uniformly wonderful.


  1. 2 cute!
    Every now and then I find that I also need a quick project to get myself re-grouped and ready for the next creation.
    Don't ya just wish we could turn out ample sized objects that quickly for ourselves?!

  2. that flamboyant red :-)

  3. Very cute! Glad you liked the pattern :)