Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A marginally better picture and some new creations

To improve on the lousy pics my boyfriend took of me in my just-finished Ditto cardigan, I tried to take a better self-portrait. NOT. Unfortunately, my photos aren't any better, but here's a new picture anyway. Note that I found a tee to wear under it. I like this look better than wearing the sweater by itself.

So what am I knitting now? Well, I'm making my cousin, Sarah a pillow to commemorate her new house and her new basset hound, Porterhouse. Here is a chart of the design. I got the dog chart from Peggy Gaffney at Kanine Knits.

But more importantly, I've started on my next ample-sized sweater. This time I'm tackling Jillian Moreno's Duchess Diamond Yoke Cardigan from Curvy Knits Cambridge. With this project, I don't need to do a bunch of math to get it to fit. I'm going to adjust the gauge slightly and I think it will work. We'll find out if I'm right! I'm looking forward to this project because it should knit up a lot faster because it uses bulky yarn.

The pattern calls for Classic Elite Duchess yarn which while pretty, would cost me close to $200. I just can't afford this. I hope I'm not making the same mistake twice, but I'm going to use Knit Picks Comfort Bulky in Flamingo instead, which cost me around $65. Despite the name, the yarn is not fuschia but a soft peachy pink. I hope it will work well. I'm going to knit a few inches; if it doesn't look right, I'm going to abandon ship and go fishing for a different yarn. So far, I think it looks pretty good, but I'm only on row 3.

See my beloved and perpetually sleepy pug, Moose modeling my brief pink progress below. He doesn't look too impressed now, does he? Believe me, he's just happy I'm not knitting him another dog sweater. He objects to apparel of any kind. What a little nudist he is!

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