Monday, September 28, 2009

Time to reboot?

One of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind is undo. I love the ability to go down a creative road with writing, drawing, or whatever, decide I don't like what I've just done, and then press CTRL V. Undo. Go back a step. Or two. Or 20. Or just start over.

I wish I could do that with knitting. (And with men, but that's another story.)

I'm over halfway done with my Diamond Yoke Cardigan but had to frog back to fix my M1stitches. Bored, I decided I'd detour and make a quick project instead. I grabbed the Knit Picks Swish Bulky I'd just gotten in the mail and whipped up the new, adorable Fuzzy Mitten pug pattern. I am the proud mamma of Moose, pug extraordinare, so of course I had to make his body double.

Big mistake.

Not the pug. Just the yarn. Swish is gorgous: merino, plush, squishy, and soft, soft, soft. It great to knit with this lucious yarn, which holds its shape much better than the Comfy Bulky I've been using for the cardigan. I tried the cotton/acrylic Comfy because I'm menopausal and live in the Mid Atlantic where the winters are fairly mild. But after knitting up the Swish, I think I need to abandon ship and swim towards that Swishy shore. (Hmmm... maybe I should be undoing that particular metaphor!)

I swatched up the Swish in both plain stockinette and in the twisted rib pattern. My only response is SIGH.

I've done a lot of work on the Comfy version, but I really think I should reboot and start over. Now that I've got the pattern down pat, it will be easier and faster to re-create. And hopefully I'll end up with the sweater I'd envisioned to begin with.

I was going to buy Swish, but I found Louet Riverstone Bulky on sale at Webs, God bless them. You can always count on Webs for a great deal! The Swish would have cost me over $90 with shipping, but the on-sale Riverstone is only $58. Both are 100% wool; let's hope I like the Riverstone as much as Swish. I do love the color, which will be becoming with my dark hair and pale skin.

Perhaps this additional purchase will remind me that yarn substitution makes all the difference - and that I really don't like acrylic blend yarn, at least not for sweaters for me.

So here we go: CTRL V. Or even better: CTRL ALT DEL!!!


  1. I think you are catching my frog flu!
    Julie, I can't tell you the number of sweaters I have frogged because the yarn I bought looked 'other' than the pattern photo.
    Exactly the reason I am going to get the Luscious Tweed for my next cardigan, BTW.
    The older I get in this knitting 'thing' the more I am realizing that one has to know yarns well in order to substitute. The gauge may be spot-on, but the patterns definition , on the other hand , may not be just 'right'. Until then, I am going to buy the yarns the patterns were written for.
    Take the Plush V-Neck Cardigan, for example...
    it is the plushness of the yarn which makes the pattern! If that same pattern, even with the cathedral-like lace at the hem, were knitted in a simple merino , alpaca,or even Mm-m-m-m-malabrigo...worsted it would look home-made, back country, folksy..if ya get my drift.It was written for Classic Elite's Plush, plain and simple.
    So I learn and I frog and I buy more!
    Now, I have 2 colors of Cascade 220 to use on a few more cardigans after the flamboyant red Montreal Cardigan next in queue.....I am yearning for cables again!
    Last night I finally got the back of the vest much stockinette! The pattern is very elementary, but boring as all get-out. that rose color...and I adore your stuffed animal creation!


  2. I knew you'd understand, girl! It's a bitch, ain't it? We need to be independently wealthy so we can always buy the prescribed yarn.

    There's a gorgeous scarf in the Jared Flood book called Willoughby. It's the prettiest damn thing I've ever seen, but it's done in cashmere. Nothing else will do. You can see it from a million miles away! I want to make it, but I've got to wait until I can afford it.

    BTW, if I would quit buying cheap yarns, I'd have money to buy expensive ones. :-)

    Thanks for the kinds words, too!

  3. Ay YAY YAY! It is a beautiful scarf. I'd make it big enough to be a scarf/wrap!
    I is worth no less than cashmere.
    However, that first FO example done in an angora blend(brand unknown) is rather lovely and the stitch definition is very clear.
    I Love It!
    If it weren't for the fact that I need some cardigans, I might just give it a go.