Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Waist deep!

Just a quick entry to show my progress on the Diamond Yoke Cardigan - and to prove that yes, it's going to fit me! Woo hoo!

I adjusted my gauge to 3.25 per inch instead of 3.5 per inch to make the sweater larger. I also added 20 extra rows, or two of the cable row sets, to lengthen the cardigan. I am a firm believer in covering my belly!

I'm less concerned this time that the sweater is curving around my hips in this picture. The same thing happened when I was at this point with the Ditto, but the final sweater didn't cling at all.

Tonight I start the yoke's diamond cabling. It's coming together - or at least I hope so. How exciting!


  1. Don't ya just love it when there are those who can step up to the plate and help with those glitches and have us running on though to the finish line? It's lookin' good.
    BTW..over on the photostream on the sidebar(I like that feature) what on earth is an Eye Pillow???!!!

  2. An eye pillow is a buckwheat-kernel/lavender- filled pillow that you put on your eyes to relax. I think it's a yoga thing (although I know NADA about yoga). I made it for a friend of mine's birthday. The thought of having a soft pillow on my eyes when I have a headache sounded so soothing to me. But the buckwheat and lavender make me wheeze! If I ever do one for me, it'll be unscented. The yarn is 100% silk and very, very soft.