Friday, October 30, 2009

An afternoon's dalliance

Don't get your hopes up. I don't have any titillating news to report. Only that my hard drive is dying - and that's not too exciting now, is it?

I've spent the day transferring files from my soon-to-be-comatose computer to a brand new PC. I didn't think this would take all damn day, but it has. So while I wait, I decided to whip up an ice scraper cover for my boyfriend's upcoming birthday.

I used Cirilia Rose's free Ember pattern from with a few modifications. I added:

  • Two inches of length because my boyfriend has very large hands
  • One extra round of decreases at the top - k2, k2tog around

  • An extra round of purl stitches at the top

  • Some additional bound-off stitches - after binding off, I picked up one stitch, bound it off, then skipped two stitches and picked up another stitch and bound it off. I did this six times to make the opening a little tighter.

I used the prescribed Berroco Peruvia doubled which makes for a thick, warm glove. I figured if I was going to all the trouble to knit this, I might as well splurge on a nicer ice scraper, too. I found one with a no-slip grip and a built-in shock absorber. Pretty fancy, huh?

Let's hope he likes the ice scraper glove. I pray this doesn't go the way of so many boyfriend sweaters that women slave over only to have their best efforts buried in the back of their beloveds' closets. Tom and I have already experienced this phenomenon. I started making him a sweater after our second date; I was pretty convinced he'd be around for Christmas even then. I slaved over a V-neck pullover made of a self-striping yarn, something I'd never used before. And won't use again! The sweater fits him perfectly, but it has way too many stripes for Tom. Now that I know him, I know less is a lot more - if the sweater were solid navy blue, he still might think it was too wild. Tom also claims the sweater is too hot for even the coldest days. All this means that he'll wear it when hell freezes over! Oh well. It's the thought that counts, right?

Tom and I collaborated on a fair isle hat for him earlier this year and he loves it. Michael, his 17-year-old son was so impressed, he asked for one, too. Yet another item for my unending knitting queue.


  1. Love the pattern in the hat. I always wanted to make the mittens of that style with all that fancy stitching, but being type A, the underside with the threads would drive me bonkers. I am headed the way of the detective Monk it seems.Yikes.

    Last year I bought some of those scrapers for my family members for Christmas and paid a mint for them. To think I could have made them just reminds me of my lack of creativity!
    Kudos for whipping those up, julie!

  2. I love the boyfriend sweater - with stripes!! It fits him perfectly. Mebbe if you dyed it...?

  3. He would still say it was too hot! It does fit him absolutely perfectly though. I used Sweater Wizard to make the pattern - turned out great.