Monday, October 12, 2009

Forging ahead

Just a quick post to show my Diamond progress. First, I pinned the new Diamond Yoke Cardigan to my dress form and it looks like it's going to fit. It's very different from my first attempt at this garment which I knitted in a cotton blend. This has actually been a very interesting experience for me to knit the same sweater in different yarns.

(What a great class idea, knitting teachers. Have your students knit a little Christmas sweater ornament in different kinds of yarns; boy, they would learn a lot about yarn selection and substitution.)

In my original version, I added two sets of cable rows to make the sweater about four inches longer. This time, I decided to make only one set. I felt like the original version looked like a miniskirt, it was so long. But hopefully the revised version will look fine on the sweater and still be long enough for me, too.

I finally got to the diamond cables yesterday. It's a complicated pattern at least for me since I've not done this much cabling for a garment before. As I always feel in the middle of knitting something, I can't wait to see it blocked! Every sweater starts out as an ugly duckling but blossoms into a swan after blocking. I can't wait to see it finished.

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