Saturday, October 24, 2009


Land ho! The end is in sight!

I am excited to show you my progress on the Diamond Yoke Cardigan. It actually looks like a cardigan now - a really cute cardigan! It would fit a skinny girl just fine as it is, but I'm going to need to have it blocked and all those cables stretched out to fit my overample figure.

I'll be finally getting to the yoke's first decrease row here shortly; that means the whole process will speed up. I've got two more cable row repeats and then a couple of dozen rows of upper yoke decreases and then it will be done. Woo fricking hoo. I even found some buttons I like. All in all, I'm really pleased with my Diamond. I am glad I decided to switch to the Louet Riverstone. The wool works better for this pattern.

Next up: Jared Flood's Willoughby scarf. I was going to hold out until I had an extra $250 to spring for the Classic Elite Marly cashmere yarn, but I just can't justify the expense. Earlier this week, I found some highly-rated-on-Raverly Karabella Margrite yarn on sale at It's dk weight, 70% merino and 30% cashmere and looks sumptuous. I'm hoping it will be a good replacement yarn for the Marly. Who knows. I hope I won't be disappointed again in my yarn substitution. It seems to me that the hardest thing in knitting is not technique but finding the right yarn. It makes all the difference.

I want to make some lacy mittens to go with the Willoughby so I've settled on Ysolda's Veyla mitts. Although I'm going to turn them into actual mittens, I think the lacy cuff will complement the Willoughby well. I like the mods Chumily made to turn her Veyla mitts into mittens.

I'm envisioning wearing this duo with everything from my formal black wool dress coat to my embroidered denim jacket. I've never knitted lace before so this should be fun - and challenging. Perhaps I should start with the mittens first. Good idea, don't you think?

But I've got to finish my pink Diamond first. It's so nice to be coming down the homestretch. As I said: land ho!

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  1. Great ensemble! Love the mittens.
    I think you will do fine with lace as long as you like reading charts.
    This sweater I am working on has a different chart for each piece and they are teeny weeny print. It's like a chart of braille.
    I always said you were a Guinness Book fast knitter..look at the progress of the Diamond!
    Today for me was a mindless dishcloth day.
    Great choice for the buttons..they match perfectly.