Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What I did on my autumn vacation

My beloved boyfriend, Tom and I are back from our weekend getaway to Luray, VA. We were hoping for fabulous fall color, but alas were at least two weeks too early - all the trees are still green. No matter. We had perfect weather, a relaxing time, and lovely trip.

Moose, my mega-spoiled pug, went along for the ride. Much to his chargin, he spent most of the trip in the back of my VW New Beetle Convertible. I felt guilty, but Tom kept saying, "He'll get over it!" And he did.

So what did I do on my fall vacation? Knitted, of course. An hour before we left, the Louet Riverstone Bulky in Crabapple arrived from Webs; I ordered this replacement yarn for my Diamond Yoke Cardigan after abandoning the cotton blend I'd used to knit more than half the sweater. On our way out the door, I grabbed a Riverstone skein and worked up a swatch on the way down to the cabin. I had also brought some magenta yarn to make a sweater of my own design, which I also worked on.

But last night, I decided I should knock out Diamond Yoke Cardigan since I already have the pattern stitches in my head. It's moving pretty quickly, as you can see below.

I like this 100% wool yarn much better, at least for this cardigan. It's much less drapey and holds it's shape far better, plus I think it will make for a much lighter sweater. The Comfy Bulky cotton version of the cardigan was already heavy and I was only halfway done. I think I made the right decision no matter how discouraging it was to start over midstream.

The other good knitting news from my trip: I bought a new knitting basket - and for only $28! We stumbled across a little fruit stand north of Luray that sold apples and baskets - so of course I bought both. I like the basket's large size and wide, flat bottom - just perfect for knitting projects. Mind you, I have a gazillion knitting baskets, bags, buckets, totes, ziplocs, bins, boxes and the like. But as you know, one can never have too many yarn storage devices!

So today it's back to reality: clients, work, laundry, taxes, and life. But I'm grateful for the break and for a chance to be with the two people I love most: Tom and Moose. :-)


  1. Just thought I'd pop in to see if you had an update on your trip; SURPRISE!
    You & Tom make a great looking couple. Best wishes for the future, and I am glad you had a great time.
    The knitting basket is lovely and looks so inviting with all that delicious chunky yarn.
    I love chunky..the work goes faster.

    I ordered my Tweed and it is on sale during Oct. YAY!

    I have started a 'vanila' top down raglan cardigan in junky stash...just to get rid of the stash a bit..it IS something I will wear though, acrylic/wool blend nevertheless.
    Seaming is the pits....taking a break from that. I hate to do even 2 seams never mind 2 sleeves with all the shoulder cap fitting, so I am knitting raglan for a few weeks.

    Your Diamond looks TOTALLY different in the new yarn! Good yarn does make a big difference I am learning....as does color.
    I may just give that Diamond Cardigan a go very soon myself.....hhmmmm
    Speaking of color...I am also discovering that A luscious variegated wool has the potential of being just as attractive, if not more,in a simple sweater than a sweater in a solid color with tons of cables.(which I adore as you know)..a lot of it boils down to the choice of yarn and the way it is applied to the particular pattern.

    Glad you are back and blogging again.

  2. I tend to like simple designs, especially for variegated wool. I just bought a vest pattern from Knit One Purl Two. The vest has cables from the shoulder to the waist and then it's straight stockinette. They show the sweater in a variegated yarn and it's too much for me. I think the vest will be great in a solid color, or even in a kettle dyed. But cables + variegated is too much for me!

    Since you love cables, girl, you'd love the Diamond Yoke Cardigan for sure!

  3. Lovely basket. Hope you will be pleased with the new yarn choice. I too have frogged lots of knitting over the years!