Friday, October 9, 2009

What's wrong with this picture?

I received two Knitting Pure & Simple patterns today from Jimmy Beans Wool. I'm irked. Not at Jimmy Beans, but at Knitting Pure & Simple. Take a look at this pattern and tell me why I'm aggravated:

That's right. The pattern is missing a schematic. It comes with only two measurements: bust and length. That's it. The pattern apparently includes some instructions about making the garment length and sleeves longer, but anyone who has ever knitted a sweater knows this is the simplest alteration to make. But what if I want a wider sweater? Or a higher neckline? Or deeper armscyes? Tough luck!

Knitting Pure & Simple shouldn't mean simpleton patterns. Schematics should be standard fare on every knitting pattern. I bought these patterns precisely because I wanted to use the schematics to make them larger. I am very disappointed.

And another complaint: why do Knitting Pure & Simple and Knit One Crochet Two among other companies persist in selling hard-copy patterns only? I don't want to pay the postage to ship these one- or two-page patterns - and I never get to pay 44 cents to do so either! Selling downloadable patterns is the best way to help your customers save money - and if I'm not paying overpriced postage, I can buy more patterns. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

A quick attagirl to Jimmy Beans Wool: I applaud this company's simple, affordable shipping policy. If you order more than $75, the order is free; otherwise, the shipping is only $4. THANK YOU. I'm sick of online retailers charging $9.00 to send me a $3.00 item. It's ridiculous. Jimmy Beans also offers lots of great discounts, including free shipping on your next order and 5% back on all purchases, too. My nearly $15 order ended up costing me only $8.50. I need all the breaks I can get! I'll definitely be shopping with Jimmy Beans again soon.

So come on knitwear designers. Give us schematics and zero postage. And while you're at it, larger sizes, too. I took a quick look at the latest issue of Vogue Knitting yesterday; the magazine proudly touted its plus-size patterns - which are size 14, hardly a plus size.

Okay, I'm done bitching. Hope you have a very nice knitting weekend! :-)

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  1. HA ha ha ha ha! Had to laugh at the plus size 14 ! Unbelie-e-e-evable!(no , actually I believe it)

    As for KPS..none of the ones I have have schematics and stitch counts are listed so far apart, if one has to frog, there are tons of rounds to pull out.
    I once asked D. Soucy for help over the phone for upsizing(adding stitches, etc) and the only help I got on TWO patterns (calls months apart)was "use a bigger needle".
    I love those top downs, but it is difficult to alter if you don't have that experience in the round.

    If you want to get rid of that pattern, I will buy it from you, snail mail or paypal.
    It is a nice pattern..bulky and warm(hot flashes) but nice , as is the diamond which I got in the mail.

    One thing about Jimmy Beans..they send out orders fast fast fast.

    Hope you don't mind these long comments on the blog..I can tone them down a bit. :-)