Saturday, November 7, 2009

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Now that I'm post-sweater, I'm working on a bunch of little things - and it's definitely a case of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Let's start with the good. I'm toiling away on Veyla mittens, a Ysolda pattern. I'm using beautiful Karabella Margrite yarn - cream, of course! I can barely stand to buy anything that's not white or cream. It's ridiculous. Anyway, the yarn is 80% merino, 20% cashmere and is mega-yummy. I really like how these mittens are turning out; even unblocked I like the lace. I'm making these as a training mission for Jared Flood's Willoughby wrap.

Now for the bad. I really, really wanted to make Sue McCain's Top-Down Empire Waist Pullover. I think it's a beautiful pattern. I even splurged on beautiful Blue Sky Alpaca Silk yarn in Blush - which as you can see is mightly close to cream! I've started this project four times and I just hate it. It's likely yet another case of yarn substitution disaster. Sue McCain made hers in a bamboo blend, but I thought the Alpaca Silk would be better. Clearly not. Maybe this sweater would work with the Karabella Margrite? Maybe so. Anyway, I'm abandoning this ship at least until I can find a better yarn - like maybe the one that was recommended to begin with?

Finally, the ugly. My cousin, Sarah just got an adorable basset hound named Porterhouse. I've been promising to knit her something for months, but because she lives in North Carolina, most knitted garments are out - she'd never be able to wear a hat down there, for instance. So I decided to make her a basset hound pillow. What was in my head didn't end up on the pillow unfortunately. I'm a pretty accomplished stranded color knitter, but this project SUCKS. I clearly need to practice intarsia which is a completely different skill from Fair Isle. I'm not redoing it because I've made her wait for months as it is. But I don't like it. I'm sending it off with the admonishment that it's the thought that counts. Hopefully she'll like it anyway.

I'm spending most of my free time thinking about which sweater to tackle next. I've got more yarn than anyone should ever own and a thousand patterns, too. I'll be back soon with my decision.


  1. Oh looks just like a basset hound!
    I sorta like it and I am not that canine friendly at all, so that says a lot.

    The Willoughby is going to be gorgeous..great swatching.

    But...the Alpaca has to go. It just doesn't look suitable for the pattern, I agree.

    I bet you are just itchin' to officially start 'Willo'.

  2. That basset hound is really eye catchilng. Your other projects also show that you are a knitting genius. You go girl!

  3. Slipped2, you are clearly a kind and exceptionally generous person. :-)

    Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you will keep coming back!