Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving and more

Happy Thanksgiving! This year, I'm grateful I had such a wonderful celebration with my family. I come from the Dysfunctional Family From Hell (don't we all?), so this isn't always a given. But this year we had a glorious day full of food and fun.

I picked Thanksgiving to debut my Diamond Yoke Cardigan. As always, I was tremendously afraid that my cardigan looked homemade instead of handmade. As it turned out, all the women knew I'd made it because they know I knit, and all the men thought I'd bought it because they don't. Success!

I was also self-conscious about wearing a cardigan that is so form-fitting. I usually wear baggy sweaters with zero shaping, so this tight cardigan felt so... wrong. Who was I to be wearing something that didn't cover everything? But now that I see the pics, what I see are curves. Not just lumps and rolls but curves. Who knew?

So all in all, I'm pleased my new handmade cardigan and my homey Thanksgiving Day. I am grateful both for my whack-job family of origin and my lovely family of choice: my boyfriend, Tom, and his son, Michael. I am richly blessed - and I hope you are, too.


  1. Nice curves! That's very flattering on you. If you had to adjust the pattern, was it easy?

    (I'm a knitter of similar shape to you, and possibly similar size, I find it hard to tell.)

  2. SC, thank you! I appreciate kind and reassuring words. :-)

    I did not adjust this sweater and made it to the pattern specifications. It fits when buttoned but it is definitely form fitting. I originally wanted to make it longer so it would cover my belly when I wore jeans, but it didn't look right (see the light pink cotton version I abandoned). When I wear this cardi with jeans, I wear a longer blouse that sticks out underneath the sweater. This look is very popular now, but it is still hard for me to get used to it. (It seems to me that your blouse should always be shorter than your cardigan.)

    Regarding size, I wear anything from a 32/34 to 36/38.

    If you decide to make the sweater, I'd love to see it! Thanks again for the compliments.

  3. That looks GREAT on you! Such a successful and satisfying project! Are you going to make another in a different color?

  4. lol... I've still got most of that sweater done in light pink cotton! No, I am not a big fan of knitting two of anything - including socks and mittens - and especially big, complicated sweaters! No, I'll move on to the next challenge. As you know, so much knitting, so little time. Thanks for the kind words and your ever-present support, Teresa!

  5. It came out beautiful, and it looks great on you. Fantastic job :)

  6. Awww... thanks, Kristen! Thanks for helping me get through the rough spots. I really love the sweater and am on to my next Curvy Knits pattern, the Lace Inset Pullover. I'll bug you if necessary!

  7. Your cardigan looks beautiful on you!