Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Veyla left mitt debacle

Grumble, grumble, grumble! To say that I am frustrated with my Veyla mitts project is an understatement.

I happily finished the right mitt - beautiful even unblocked and just as I imagined. I'm waiting for these terrific antique buttons to arrive from Bumbershoot, an Etsy seller; I think they'll be the just-right accompaniment for these lacy gloves.

Heartened by my success with the first mitt, I soldiered on to the left one. Wouldn't you think the second one would go much faster and easier because I'd mastered the first? Wrong. I've started and frogged this bastard tadpole literally six times and I'm still stuck in the pond.
The problem? Actually, I think there are a few of them:
  1. Because the mitts are mirror images of each other, the lace pattern is completely different on each mitt.
  2. On the right mitt, you knit the first four set-up rows and then knit rows 1 through 9 of the lace cuff pattern. Then you repeat rows 2 through 9 seven times (for the larger size anyway). However, on the left mitt, you knit the first four set-up rows (which are a little different than the right mitt) and then knit rows 1 though 9 of the lace pattern, and then repeat rows 1 through 8 seven times. Those minor differences make a huge difference in the outcome.
  3. There is some confusion about lace pattern rows that begin with "bind off 3, k2." When you do this, the stitch left on your right needle after the three bind-offs is considered the first knit stitch of the k2. Does that make sense? In other words, it should probably read "bind off 3, k1." That would make more sense to me anyway.
  4. Another problem: there are apparently two versions of the PDF pattern available, version 1.1 and version 1.2. I have no idea which version I have and have spent over an hour trying to determine the difference between the two to no avail.
BTW, I'm not alone with this left mitt issue. Several other folks have experienced trouble on the left mitt, too. (Read this Ravelry post as one example.)
Perhaps the left mitt would be less problematic for me if I was a more accomplished graph reader. I was going to practice reading the graph while making the left mitt but it's been so difficult I've resorted back to the text instructions. I am exceptionally visual so usually I prefer graphs, but not in this case.
I am going to give these beauties one more try. I don't want to my Veylas to succumb to the Glass Slipper Syndrome - making one of a matched set and losing steam on the second. Glass Slipper Syndrome applies to gloves and socks, too. In fact, I've got a singleton sock floating around in my knitting basket right now begging for its mate. Not likely to happen though. Perhaps someone would like a woman's pink and purple sock to use as a Christmas stocking?


  1. Ysolda has a website..why not email her for paid for the pattern! It will save you hours of trying to figure out a snafu.
    BTW,,the glove is lovely..even w/o th buttons!

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  3. I too am having the same issue. I did send an inquiry to the author, but was only told they are mirror images of each other. I basically got no help.