Tuesday, November 17, 2009

White yarn, cont'd.

Fields of white everywhere I look - white yarn that is!

White yarn project 1: Veyla mitts. I finished them last night. Maybe they'll look better when they're done blocking, but at the moment they remind me of a cranky, wet cat. I had a hell of a time with the left mitt, as I described in my previous post. I'm still not satisfied with the southpaw, even after tearing out and reknitting the thumb and the garter ribbing at the top. And then during washing, one of the buttons dissolved - I'll need to get a new one from the Etsy seller. Hopefully I'll be happier when they're dry. We'll see.

My next lace project will be the Willoughby wrap done in the same white yarn as the mitts: Karabella Margrite. I'm going to swatch a bit first though and see how I like it. I hope the shawl will go better than the mitts. Maybe I'm not cut out for lace knitting. My mind wanders all over the place and when it comes back, I'm lost. Of course, this may well be a sign that I need to better focus my mind - stop ruminating and pay attention! Living totally in the moment is never easy for me. Perhaps I can use lace knitting as a meditation on meditation.

Before I start the Willoughby, I'm making Jillian Moreno's Miracle Lace Inset Pullover from Curvy Knits Volume 2. I've substituted the yarn again (will I ever learn?) but only after seeing Pokeystackle's even more beautiful version of this sweater on Ravelry. She made this lovely garment with Classic Elite Wool Bam Boo, which I am using, too.

I needed to upsize this sweater to a 65-inch bust size, so I decided this time to re-create the pattern in Sweater Wizard using my measurements. I'm hoping this will prove to be an effective way to resize published patterns. This pullover is a very simple shape so I felt comfortable replicating it. So far, so good. We'll see if this works. Stay tuned!


  1. If there are any mistakes in the Mittens, believe me, only you and the designer will know; they are lovely!

    Now as for the yarn substitution in the panel pullover, you have clear and great stitch definition.

    I love your choices...especially in the upcoming 'Willo' as I knicknamed it.


  2. Thank you for the reassurance, girlfriend! They're looking a little better and are almost dry. I will post a pic of the final product tomorrow.

    Willo is MUCH easier to type than Willoughby!