Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Arwen Slipper Socks for Sharon

As I mentioned a few posts ago, my friend, Sharon gave me a bag of blue yarn that her mother had collected during her 90+ years on this planet. I just finished whipping up a pair of Arwen Slipper Socks using her mom's yarn. I'm hoping this will make a nice and poignant Christmas present to my friend.

The only modification I made was in the finishing of the toe. On the first sock I made, I just ran a strand of yarn through the stitches and tied them off. However, while I was making the second one, I realized that I'd made in error in knitting the toe so I tore out the first toe's sock and reknitted it.

The pattern calls for finishing the toe with the Kitchener stitch, a technique I have yet to master. The problem? I only need to use it occassionally, and always when I'm at the very end of a project and anxious to finish. Getting the Kitchener stitch right requires practice and concentration. It's complicated, or at least it's complicated for me.

So this time, I turned the socks inside out, put the stitches back on two needles, and proceeded to do a three-needle bind-off. The result: a nice, natural finish to the socks.

One final thought: I wonder what Sharon's mom intended to do with all this blue wool? I'm sure after I've kicked the bucket, someone will undoubtedly be standing around saying, "Why in the hell did she buy all this yarn?" My only hope is that they find an appreciative knitter who will make some nice presents with my overabundant stash.


  1. Love the socks and love the color!
    But as for the machine and knowing how much you love to hand knit, I have only 4 words...
    "Oh no you dih'-ent" !!!! LOL

    All jokes aside, in my sock drawer I have a bunch of winter/outdoors socks I got on ebay made by a machine knitter. I can compair them to my birkenstock socks at a fraction of the price! The socks are among the warmest socks I have and they even fit into shoes and boots I wouldn't be able to put on if they were hand knit because the machine was able to knit more tightly.
    But the creativity is absent if the hand knitter is used to cabling and lacy design.
    I'd really like to know if it makes your st st span of knitting less boring using the machine. Interesting project.