Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Michael's Lusekofte Cap

Earlier this year, I made my boyfriend, Tom a Lusekofte Cap from Charlene Schurch's invaluable Hats On! If you want to make a terrific hat for yourself or a loved one, you need this book. Thus far, I've knitted two of its 31 hats, the Lusekofte Cap and the Triple Patterned Watch Cap. I loved how both turned out. I adore Fair Isle knitting anyway, but you just can't beat Charlene's hat patterns. (She's written books on mittens and socks, too but I've never seen them so I can't vouch for their wonderfulness.)

Anyway, when Tom's son, Michael saw his new cap, he wanted one, too but in different colors. He asked for navy blue with gray trim, but that was before he got that damn red and black crotch rocket motorcycle. Thus, he's getting his hat in colors to match The Vehicle I Loathe With All My Being.

I'm making Michael the alternative band offered in the pattern, so it will be a bit different from his Dad's. I'm also going to knit Michael a helmet liner for Christmas that will also be black and red.

I made both Tom and Michael's hats with Knit Picks Swish Worsted. What gorgeous merino yarn! So soft it won't scratch Tom's bald head and warm to boot. I'm going to have to make a sweater out of this great yarn one of these days, especially because besides being pretty, it's so inexpensive, too: only $3.99 for a 110-yard skein, plus you get free shipping from Knit Picks if you buy over $25 in merchandise. You just can't beat it.

I'm really digging Michael's hat; I hope he does, too - although I'm sure he will never use the verb "dig" to describe his happiness with the cap. As usual, I date myself...