Tuesday, December 1, 2009

OMG! Jared Flood is coming to DC!

Woo fricking hoo! Jared Flood is coming to Washington! Fibre Space, an Alexandria, VA yarn store, yesterday announced a new knitting retreat, the Designer Scavenger Hunt. According to the website:
Participants will start the day with a luxurious brunch at the (O Street) Mansion and the opportunity to explore the Mansion’s 100 rooms and discover some of its 32 secret doorways. Among its many rooms are four workshops, featuring five spectacular designers: Jared Flood, Catherine Gagnon, Tanis Gray, Wendy Johnson and Courtney Kelley.
The four workshops include:
  1. Photographing your Finished Projects with Jared Flood
  2. Lace and Fair Isle Techniques with Catherine Gagnon and Courtney Kelley
  3. Charted Cables with Tanis Gray
  4. Toe Techniques for Toe Up Socks with Wendy Johnson
The Designer Scavenger Hunt is being held Sunday, January 17, 2010, from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. at the Mansion on O Street: 2020 O St NW, Washington, DC. This event ain't cheap: $275 which includes brunch and participation in the four workshops. However, given all that you get for the money, it's probably a good deal, really.
I really want to see Jared Flood, the author of Made in Brooklyn, a gorgeous potpourri of patterns. Jared is one of those rare designers who creates across all genres: fair isle, cables, hats, coats, mittens, you name it. A devotee of Elizabeth Zimmermann, he understands the intricacies involved in engineering a garment and it shows. I'd rather hear him talk about knitting than photography, but that's his "real" profession. And who knows? Maybe my sweaters would look a lot better if I actually photographed them well.
The rest of the designers attending the event aren't slouches either. Catherine Gagnon designed the beautiful Selbu hat as well as the adorable Heart Yoke Cardigan featured in the Winter issue of Vogue Knitting.

If you asked me to name my top five favorite sweater patterns, the Freyja Sweater would be among them. I adore this fair isle pullover and have every intention of making it someday. Courtney Kelley, the designer, is also one of the participants in the Designer Scavenger Hunt. I'd love to meet her, too.

Tanis Grey has designed for a bevy of knitting magazines, including Vogue Knitting, Knit Simple, Knit.1, and the Debbie Bliss magazines. I love her #28 Market Tote - or at least I love the photograph! (Maybe Jared Flood is right.) She's got a beautiful Nordic sweater in the Winter 2009 issue of Vogue Knitting, too.

I'm not a big sock knitter, but those who are love Wendy Johnson. She's the queen of toe-up socks. These stunning Phoebus Socks remind me of Jared Flood's Grove Mittens - which is probably why I like them!

So let's hope I can get some dough together and rearrange that January weekend so I can attend the Designer Scavenger Hunt. It sounds like quite the fun knitting adventure for which I'm always game.


  1. why do I get the feeling that you definitely will go?!!Ha ha.
    I like your choices of sweaters...nordic, fair isle and scandinavian seems to be the direction you are headed in ..go for it.
    Those mittens look gorgeous..difficult and gorgeous.