Monday, December 28, 2009

Post-Christmas Daze

Ah, how I love the lull that follows Christmas. The world recovers from too much food, too much family, too much alcohol, and too much spending by taking a giant collective SIGH of relief - or exhaustion! At least that's what I do. You won't find me at some crazy post-holiday sale  (although I did buy an adorable mittens ornament on sale this morning from Danforth Pewter) - I'm resting along with the rest of the world. Everything can wait for a week while we all nap and eat leftovers. It's glorious.

I hope you had a merry Christmas - I most certainly did. Tom aka Super Boyfriend outdid himself by giving me a glorious Edwardian sapphire and diamond ring that I absolutely love. It's amazing! He's amazing, too. I love him. What a wonderful man.

After knitting way too many Lusekofte Caps, I whipped myself up a quick pair of mitts that I can use for driving, texting, and picking up dog crap (with a plastic bag, of course). I've always liked Mandy Powers' End of May Mittens, but I really wanted some handwarmers that leave my fingers free. So I followed the pattern until I had completed the second flower and then:
  1. Knitted two rows
  2. Purled one row
  3. Knitted an additional one inch for the hem
  4. Bound off
Then I put thumb stitches on the waste yarn back onto the needle and picked up four or five stitches from the mitten to close the gap. I then followed the same approach to the thumb bind-off as I did for the top of the mitt (K 2 rows, P 1 row, K for one inch, bind off). I hemmed everything and viola! Cute End of May mitts. Best of all, they knitted up quickly - and use an exquisite yarn: Classic Elite's Inca Alpaca in 1146 - Island of the Sun (blue) and 1163 - Morning Glory (pink). The alpaca serves up a delicious halo for veritable fiber feast!

(The End of May Mittens pattern is only $5, but if you're broke, try this similar (but less attractive IMHO)  free pattern: Daisy Mittens.)

Now I have got to get back to the business of making sweaters. I received my knitting machine but have been too busy to even take it out of the box. I want to use it to make the back for Jillian Moreno's Lace Inset Pullover. The next sweater in my queue is Pam Allen's Comfy Cardi which is available in Clara Parkes' The Knitter's Book of Wool. These two projects should keep me busy through long, winter nights - and warm during short, cold days.

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  1. Aaahhhh! You Did take a vacation! Good for you, and Kudos on that Beautiful ring!
    Tom is a true romantic...and a great find!
    Are you still wanting to knit your Jarred Flood Wrap?
    Those hand warmers are really lovely..I DO like the pointed tips, though! I wish I had the nerve to knit with different colors, but the underside would drove me nuts! Great job, julie!