Friday, January 22, 2010

Baby, baby sweet baby

I'm almost done with the February Baby sweater for my friend, Elizabeth's first granddaughter. Because it is lace and requires my full attention, it hasn't been going well. I read on Ravelry that some knitters made this cardigan in seven hours! Not I. It's taking me 70 hours because I keep drifting off, screwing up, losing my place, frogging back, and trying again. This project makes me wonder if I have ADD. Pay attention, girl!

In this picture, you can see the color chart I made myself to make this (admittedly easy) lace pattern easier for me to do. It really has helped - but I still have to pay better attention.

I picked out some pretty purple buttons and ribbon; I'm thinking I'll make some matching booties.

Hopefully I'll have the cardigan done tonight. God, I hope so. I cannot wait to finish this up and move on to my Handstrikket sweater.


  1. Did you get it finished? :D

  2. Congratulations! Now you can start knitting this wonderful colorwork sweater you've been thinking about for so long?