Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dream in Color Classy is just plain dreamy

First off, an amendment to yesterday's post about my new year's knitting resolutions. I proclaimed that I was going to stop knitting for everyone else and start knitting for me. I lied. Before I go off into knitting narcissism, I need to make a baby blanket for my friend, Elizabeth's first grandbaby.

I selected Dream in Color Classy because, well, it's just dreamy. One-hundred percent merino and miraculously overdyed, this amazing yarn simply dazzles. It manages to have every color of the rainbow but still look purple (which is the mother-to-be's favorite color). I love knitting with it; it's plush and yummy and soft and delicious.

My pattern: the Baby Chalice Blanket designed by Lykkefanten. This pattern, which is free on Ravelry, knits up into a simply gorgeous infant wrap. Check out the finished projects and you'll find one beautiful baby blanket after another. The lace pattern is pretty easy as long as you're not sleepy and pay attention! But that's true for all lace. I always know when it's time to go to bed when I start screwing up the lace pattern. Then I spend a half hour the next day straightening out the mess I made the night before! I never learn.

I hope Elizabeth, her daughter, Belky, and the baby will all love this little blanket. The yarn and pattern are so pretty, how could they not?


  1. Only 1 word about the yarn you chose: YUMMY!

  2. Aw come on! You know you will never give up knitting for others, you love to knit too much and there are only so many things you can knit for yourself. :)

  3. That's how it goes, you intend to knit for yourself but first you have to do "this" for "this friend" because of this "good reason", and then it happens again, and again. The next thing you know, the year has gone by and you still haven't knitted anything for yourself... ask me how I know....

    Beautiful baby blanket, gorgeous yarn.

  4. Thank you, girls! You're right... I will always knit for friends (soldiers, countrymen), but I soon want to get back to my commitment to making sweaters that fit. Making a sweater takes forever, so it's fun to do the little projects that wrap up quickly. But if I keep doing those, I never make sweaters.

    Thanks for reading my blog, btw!

  5. That is beautiful, yarn, pattern, color! I can't wait to see the finished product!