Thursday, January 21, 2010

Excited and aggravated - all at the same time

A couple of days ago, I received my Knit Simple magazine in the mail. The best thing about it? The ad on the back of the magazine that features the new Curvy Knits release - and this pretty red sweater.

Curvy Knits is literally the best plus-size line available today. Published by Classic Elite, the patterns are usually sized up to or near a 60-inch finished bust size and are uniformly lovely. Stylish, attractive, and designed for a larger form - what a concept! Classic Elite doesn't take a pattern created for a flat-chested, 100-pound chick and make it exponentially bigger to fit an ample woman (which only means it won't fit). No, they start from scratch and design clothes customized for larger women from the get-go. God bless them!

The new book, entitled "Curvy Knits Park Street," I suspect is the work of my beloved Jillian Moreno, but I don't know for sure  is the work of the very talented Pam Allen, Lisa S. Rowe, and Kristen TenDyke. I love the blue sweater on the cover.

So, that's the good news. The bad news: I'm all dressed up and ready to go buy this book - but it is no where to be found. I hate this. Classic Elite routinely publishes ads for books that aren't yet commercially available - it's so aggravating! They shouldn't put a single ad in a magazine until they're ready to post information about the new offering on their website at the very least. I can understand that I might not be able to buy it in my local yarn store yet - but couldn't I buy it directly from you, Classic Elite?

This morning, I finally got an email from a yarn seller advertising the book. I was so excited - until I went and tried to buy it. The $9 book costs $8 to ship, dammit. Look, if you stuck this booklet in an envelope and sent it to me using four 44-cent stamps, it would get here just fine and cost me only $1.76 - for first-class postage no less! I vote with my pocketbook - this company is not getting my money. I will not buy from retailers who charge ridiculously overpriced shipping fees. I encourage you to do the same.

So here I wait, brokenhearted... uh, I won't finish the rest of that line. Suffice to say: if you see this book online, please let me know - especially if the company has free or reasonable shipping charges. I really want to buy it. What a shame that Classic Elite makes it so difficult for me to give them money.


  1. The book should go by USPS media mail, cheaper than first class for its weight.
    Did you check other online sellers yet?

  2. I got the following message from Classic Elite - a great solution to my problem, btw:

    Hi Julie,

    I saw your blog post and wanted to let you know that the booklets are available in stores this week. Also, printed on the ad are directions on how to mail-order the booklet.

    Send $10.95 to:
    Classic Elite Yarns
    122 Western Avenue., Dept. KSW9
    Lowell, MA 01851

    I am happy you are excited about the new designs!


    Heather McVickar
    Sales Manager
    Classic Elite Yarns

  3. A really nice booklet...I will be getting this one for the spring.
    At first glance at the red jacket photo, I thought "Wow! our favorite plus sized model is getting skinny!" I congratulate her.(envy ,envy)
    The Classic Elite Outlet is not too far from me and I love to visit...great things to buy...and I always take more than I plan to spend because my eye always sees something else! I make a day of going to the area shrine, visiting the Yarn Outlet and then going upstairs to a jewelry artisan's shoppe.
    They also have back issues of Knitting Mags.
    If I send an email to CE, they ALWAYS reply ..and in a timely manner too..always. They are great. t_a

  4. Teresa, I so envy you living in New England near Webs and Classic Elite. Our only claim to fame is the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival which is pretty spectacular, I must admit. The next time I visit my friend in Townsend, MA, I'll definitely have to go over to Lowell and visit Classic Elite.