Sunday, January 24, 2010

I've got to admit...

The February Baby Sweater truly is the perfect baby sweater, a claim made by Elizabeth Zimmerman and now corraborated by me. The Dream in Color Classy yarn completely seals the deal. It's just gorgeous yarn.

The lace was a total bitch - for me anyway. It's really a simple lace pattern but I'm not sure I'm cut out for such concentration. My knitting friend, Michele told me to use a lifeline and stitch markers - wonderful suggestions that I will definitely use the next time I knit lace (which is likely to be the Jared Flood Willoughby stole I love so well).

I'm going to whip up a quick pair of baby booties and then I'll be done. Whew! I'm tired of knitting presents. I'm ready to get back to my original objective: making sweaters that fit. Yesterday I got the first skein of Ultra Alpaca for my Handstrikket cardigan... swatching in process. It's nice to begin.


  1. Beautiful! Every time I see something knit in this yarn, I want it more.

  2. That yarn is just gorgeous.
    You did a lovely job with the FBS.
    I walked into my LYS this week and the proprietor was wearing her F Lady S..also I noticed that on Rav people are knitting them for Feb again!
    I wish I could wear it, but the yoke does not look good on amples, although it does come in the sizing.
    Kudos for a beautiful baby gift, Julie!

  3. You did a wonderful job, and I am sure the mom will be super happy! :)