Saturday, January 16, 2010

Life is too short to hate what you're knitting

The gig is up!

After almost two weeks being frustrated by the Baby Chalice Blanket, I decided "the hell with it!" and ditched the whole project. Whew! What a relief. Life is much too short to hate what you're knitting.

I decided after spending hours on Ravelry looking at baby sweaters that I need to make the venerable February Baby Cardigan by the even more venerable Elizabeth Zimmerman. I discovered much to my joy that I already owned the pattern; I searched the fantastic Ravelry Library and found the pattern in "Vogue Knitting American Collection," an old knitting book that I bought from Goodwill. The book lived a previous life with the Dayton, Ohio Library System.

If you're not using the Ravelry Library, you must! Ravelry maintains a huge database of knitting and crochet books, booklets, magazines, and patterns. You select the books, magazines, and booklets you own. If you buy patterns from designers on Ravelry, the Library keeps track of them, too. Then Ravelry lets you search across all of your knitting media to find the just-right pattern - one you already own! It's terrific. I didn't even know I owned the February Baby sweater. I would have bought the pattern again if I hadn't found it in the Library. (And yes, I know this means I qualify for Knitters Anonymous... I am powerless over knitting and my life has become unmanageable!)

I think the February Baby Cardigan will look lovely in the remarkable Dream in Color Classy yarn. I'll certainly have enough left over to make a pair of matching booties, too. Best of all, I'll be happy. That's all that matters after all.


  1. Hi. I've been reading your blog because I find it funny and light hearted! Also because I was born in Rockville Maryland! and after reading this entry I figured out what a weird world it is! The knitting book you got at Goodwill is from Dayton which is where my Mom was born! I just thought it was funny! :) Have a great day!

  2. why spend time on something you hate my 'flamboyant'

    that yarn is gorgeous. so you just HAVE to use it, and I think the Feb Baby Cardigan will be just fine.

  3. Everything is connected... it's not a matter IF... it's just a matter of HOW. Just like we're all related. If nothing else, you're reading my blog. THANK YOU for that!

  4. I'm with you on the idea of ditching knitting that you hate. I started a Daybreak shawl last week after seeing it on Ravelry--loved, loved, loved the way it looks. Hate, hate, hated knitting it, however. Ditched it, stowed the yarn and started a pair of Dashing fingerless mitts from Knitty. Now the knitting is good and I'm a happy woman.

  5. Good for you! As I said, life is too short not to be loving what you're making. I made a pair of those Dashing mitts for one of my friends - they turned out beautifully. Great pattern!