Monday, January 4, 2010

My New Year's knitting resolutions

Today I officially present my 2010 knitting resolutions. This year, I would like to accomplish the following:
  1. Learn how to do the Kitchener stitch. Every time I try this technique, my head explodes. I'm a smart girl - I must be able to figure this out! This year, I will.

  2. Knit more for me and less for everyone else. I have knitted something for almost every person I know - I even gave my chiropractor one of my many Lusekofte caps. It's ridiculous. This year, I'm going to knit for me.

  3. One exception to the previous resolution: this year, I'm going to make at least four charity projects. In 2009, my good works included a helmet liner for Packages from Home and a Mother Bear Bear. This year, I want to do more. Afghans for Afghans has a call out for children's mittens, socks, sweaters, and vests. If you have some extra time, make something for this wonderful organization. I've knitted for Afghans for Afghans in the past; it is truly heartening to make something warm for a needy child.

  4. Knit a fair isle sweater for myself. One that fits, of course, but also one that is attractive and doesn't make me look gigantic. My very first sweater was a fair isle of my own design - how ambitious is that?! I made the pullover using the Elizabeth Zimmermann system. It doesn't fit quite right and it's WAY too heavy for most DC winter days. The thing I hate the most however is that it makes me look even W-I-D-E-R than I already am. I'm resolved to knit a sweater with some sort of fair isle design that flatters me. I've got some ideas percolating in my head. Watch this space!

What are your 2010 knitting resolutions? I would love to hear. I would suggest one for you: I challenge you to make a sweater for yourself this year - one that fits, that's made specifically to your measurements and not your quote-unquote size. I'm betting you're like me. You've made a ton of hats, mittens, shawls, blankets, and potholders, but you've avoided making a fitted garment for yourself. I'm here to tell you: you can do it. You deserve it. And I'd be happy to help! It's your turn. Go for it!


  1. I just have 1 knitting resolution: Finish What I Start and don;t give up when I hit a glitch.

    As for Kitchener, I learned how from the Witch!
    Very Clear Tutorial;

  2. The one I have for crafting is to finish all the works in progress I have laying around before I start anything new! Shouldn't be too bad as I only have a)baby sweater b)small blanket c)large granny square blanket d)easy shawl, at least I think that's all. Then to finish my yarn stash before buying any new yarn. I just must clean up my space!

  3. You guys better be knitting for YOU! Or maybe it's that I should be knitting for me... hmmm... forgive me, I'm codependent. :-)

  4. in 2010 I intend to learn and practice new techniques I haven't attempted before. My first project is the new EZ sweater which involves steeks. More colorwork projects is also on my list of things to do in 2010. Finishing a few projects I started in 2008 would not be a bad idea either. Knitting socks for myself would be an even better idea, of all the pairs I have knitted, I only own two, that's a pretty bad average right there.

    Kitchener stitch is very easy if you use waste yarn and knit a few rows with the waste yarn before you attempt to join the pieces together. Then all you have to do is follow the path the waste yarn took with your sewing yarn, when your grafting is done, remove waste yarn et voilĂ ! perfect grafting.

  5. Michele, I second your resolutions, especially the EZ sweater with steeks - especially if it has colorwork! I can't wait to see your sweater, socks, etc. Thanks for the advice about using waste yarn... that would be a great way for me to practice.

  6. Well, the easy shawl I mentioned is technically for me. :D (unless I decide I don't like it/won't use it, then it goes to someone else!)