Thursday, January 14, 2010

Will it ever end???

WARNING: Whining is imminent.

Sigh... I'm still working on the damn Baby Chalice Blanket. It's going so slowly I feel like I've been gestating the damn thing for at least nine months!

Maybe it's not as bad as I think; after blocking, it won't be a shriveled mess, but for now I feel like I knit and knit and knit and get maybe an inch for my trouble. All I want to do is get it done so that I can make something else. Like a sweater. Like one of the three sweaters in my queue - any of the three would be an improvement.

Maybe I'm not a good lace knitter. It takes a lot of concentration and nothing is more frustrating to me than knitting a whole row and finding out I'm one stitch short. I hate it! I don't mind paying some attention, but I can't pay total attention. My mind is a perpetual motion pinball machine that lights up, dings, shakes, rocks, rattles, and rings. Clearly, silent, meditative knitting ain't my thing.

Like always, the only answer is perseverance. This too shall pass. But apparently not soon enough!


  1. Ah! this is exactly why I do NOT like to knit baby blankets. I would go a bit farther than that, I DESPISE knitting baby blankets!

    Despite these strong feelings, for years I did force myself to knit baby blankets for friends, until I finally figured out that the friends in question, would be as happy, if not even more, with cute and tiny baby booties, hats or sweaters. This small investment in time and yarn = very happy friends and very happy me!

  2. Just imagine if you were knitting with laceweight!
    Every now and then I think we need a chunky yarn project.But mine is still going slowly with those cables.
    The colors are gorgeous and it will be worth it in the end./pains and all LOL


  3. Michele, thank you for underscoring the lessons learned: I don't need to go nuts in making gifts. I'm sure the mother-to-be would be just as happy with a pair of booties! Next time...

  4. I hear your pain, but it really is looking beautiful to me! :D My problem is I get bored on projects that seem to go on forever.. which is why I have several unfinished stuffed into my closet!