Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bored in a blizzard

Hey! Did you know there's a record-breaking blizzard happening in the Nation's Capital? Somehow I think you do, especially if you watch MS-NBC and CNN where they mention it about every 45 seconds. For once, the television networks aren't exaggerating about the snow storm. It is really awful. I  mean really. AWFUL.

I live Maryland suburbs of DC. Here is a cool time-lapse video done in nearby Tysons Corner, Virginia during last weekend's snow storm.

Now we're getting a second huge hit - on top of the 36 inches we already have, they're expecting at least another foot of the wretched white stuff. Montgomery County just announced that they're even halting all plow operations because it's so dangerous. Believe me, this is has never happened here before. Some winters, we get six inches of snow over the whole damn winter!

I hate the snow. My dog refuses to go to the bathroom - last weekend, he went 29 hours before finally exploding two feet outside the back door of my building. I miss my boyfriend. We usually see each other every Sunday but we've been snowed out for two weekends in a row. We literally risked our lives a couple of nights ago to meet halfway for dinner. I was really happy to see him but it was far too dangerous to be out driving around. I witnessed five multi-car pileups on the way home. I really want to go to Target, the library, and the bookstore. And maybe check out some movies from Blockbuster, too. But no go.

That's my bad news. The good news: I'm warm, safe, and dry. I have plenty of food. I live in a new building with underground electricity so I'm unlikely to lose power because of falling trees. My doggie is even learning to do his business on two-inch strips of available grass.

And best of all, the snow days have left my business quiet enough for me to organize my stash. I spent the whole afternoon yesterday sorting yarn and knitting swatches. It was really fun. Everything is now organized, labeled and stacked to the sky.

I swatched some various yarns as I went, including this Berroco Pure Pima in Barely Blue. I like how it knits up and am considering it for the Solstice Three-Button Sweater in the new Curvy Knits book.

See the swatch on the very right? With the variegated and white yarns? I'm thinking of using these yarns to make the Swirls Hat. I've never worn hats but this blizzard has me longing for one.

And just in case you're wondering, YES, I'm still knitting the unending stockinette section of my Handstrikket. I persevere. But since I'm dedicated to your interest in knitting and my own, too, I'm blogging about all these other matters instead. I can spend every night bored out of my mind knitting straight brown fabric if it means I can spend the day with you talking about anything else!

PS - My wretched Ultimate Sweater Machine is available on ebay for only $150 plus $10 shipping. A real deal since KMart sells it for $249 plus shipping. Just because I hated it doesn't necessarily mean you will!


  1. Cool Video!

    When I lived in Canada, I loved being snowed in. How cozy is being able to take a day off, stay in PJ's and slippers, start a fire in the fireplace and just sit an knit, without feeling guilty about it?

    You're having a little more than a snowstorm there though, I wonder if that's what they mean by the sky is falling.

    Hang in there, keep knitting, as unbelievable as it may seem right now, Spring will be there soon. (I still wish all that snow would fall in BC instead of DC though)

  2. Me, too, Michele! The Olympics need it and we do NOT.

    And I will confess: I am sitting here in my pajamas and slippers, warm and snuggly. The only drawback: I work out of my house and really don't have snow days! But maybe I'll take some time off today and make a partial one.

    Aren't you glad you're in Florida???

  3. ROFPMPLOL...the dog 'exploding' outside the door! Hahahahahah!

    It is just starting to flurry here!

    Believe it or not, I LOVE scenes like that patio deck.

    I am in for the day..doing laundry watching a stack of videos and ...KNITTING!
    Nice and warm.
    I was thinking last night(dangerous and rare);Can you imagine if we ever had an earthquake or other natural disaster..I mean a REAL disaster in this weather? God forbid.Let's remember those in Haiti.
    We are blessed.

    ps...I won;t be bidding.

    Oh..BTW...I took advantage of the KnitPicks sale after Christmas and bought a set of those Harmony needles.

    One #9 had a huge splinter in it so I called and they replaced it.
    Today, the plastic below the screw-in part of the needle came out and I am not able to use one of the larger circular wires.
    I am not calling about that....I just will not buy any more of their accessories.They fall apart! I am back to using my usual Bryspuns and Addis.
    Don't waste your money on Harmony Circulars.

  4. Teresa, I'm not that please with my KP circulars either... I bought the stainless steel ones and the wooden ones. I haven't had a problem like the ones you've had, but they continually unscrew which irritates the crap out of me. I prefer to just use regular circulars, too.

    Enjoy your snow and laundry!

  5. Call Knitpicks about the cable coming apart--they will replace it free of charge. I don't LOVE my Knitpicks needles, but I sure like them and find them very convenient. I have found that they will replace any broken parts, (repeatedly)--no questions asked--and the replacement arrives quickly.

  6. I did send them an email, but will not buy their accessories any more. Yarn, yes.

  7. I'm glad I'm in North Florida, since we do have a little winter, I love cold weather, and I do miss the snow once in a while, especially around Christmas.

    I don't know why we are talking about Knit Picks, but I like (not love) my Option metal interchangeable, of course, as far as quality goes, you get what you pay for. It's their yarn that I really don't like. It's dead, overprocessed, I can't stand it. To each their own I guess.

  8. Update;
    I got an email from Knit Picks offering a full refund if I sent them back, which I am doing today.
    After all..the cost was over $69 !!!!
    Here was the problem with the set:
    #9 needle was splintered(replaced)
    #5 needles included three of them and only one #6 needle.
    And the long wire came right out of the bracket w/o any tension applied, rendering it unuseable.
    I'd say that was an inferior product, wouldn't you? Made in India.