Sunday, February 21, 2010

Button, button, who's got the button?

My current quest: find the just-right button for my Handstrikket. As I outlined in my previous post, I found similar Norwegian pewter buttons at Nordic Fiber Arts, but they aren't as refined as the originals. Anne, a devoted reader (God bless her), suggested I use the buttons from the Handstrikket that my mother gave me 35 years ago, but I am reticent to wreck the beloved gift. Plus I need at least ten buttons and the original only has nine.

Yesterday, after taking myself to a discount matinee of Crazy Heart (★★★- great performances but a half hour too long, imho), I went through every single button at Joann Fabrics and Hancock Fabrics. I couldn't find a single silver-toned button that would work, nor any gold or brass ones either. Plus I spent three hours Friday looking under every rock on the web. I thought I'd found a worthy competitor at Schoolhouse Press, but they cancelled my order because they didn't have enough in stock.

I finally came across some neat leather buttons that I think might work. Hancock Fabrics' 40%-off buttons sale did the trick: for less than $7, I got ten buttons. Even if I don't use them now, they'll work someday on something, so I snapped them up. My plan: finish the sweater and see which looks better, the pewter or leather buttons. If neither work, I'll go back to the drawing board. But I suspect either would be just fine.

Now for the good news: I've only got three inches of stockinette to finish and I'll be done with the bottom of the sweater. Thank goodness. I'm already daydreaming about doing the fair isle on the sleeves. I can't wait to do something - anything!  - other than boring old stockinette. The light is at the end of the tunnel. Grace of God.


  1. Hi. I havent posted before, but I really enjoy all you write. Thanks!

    i saw this website with buttons, and it looks like it has a 4 petal flower design. You may already have looked at it, but I thought i would try :)


  2. Rachel, thanks so much for the link... I will definitely check out the site - and no, I haven't seen it. I so appreciate your help.

    Most of all, THANK YOU for reading my blog and for posting, too. I'm never sure anyone is out there listening - glad to hear that you are!

  3. I ordered these buttons today, Rachel. Thanks again for the link!