Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A pretty new pattern just in time for the Groundhog's Day

Ooohhh... a pretty new pattern popped her head out of the ground this morning... this means there are six more weeks left of winter! Happy Groundhog's Day, girls!

To celebrate, I present this beautiful lace sweater designed by Galina Fedtchenko entitled, aptly enough, Ample Yoke Pullover. God bless her, the finished bust size goes up to 64 3/8 inches! Wonders of wonders. A beautiful sweater that comes large enough, too!

Galina made this pretty pullover in Cascade Sierra, a cotton/wool blend. It's perfect for spring - paired with a cute skirt, this would make a perfect Easter outfit. 

I already ordered my copy and I hope you'll order one, too if you think this sweater would work for you. Remember that we need to vote with our pocketbooks. If we don't buy large patterns, the designers won't bother making them. Buy your Ample Yoke Pullover from Y2Knit.

PS - I am diligently knitting the Handstrikket but it's just miles and miles of boring stockinette. As a dedicated blogger, I feel it is my duty not to make you yawn so I'm sparing you my endless whining. Maybe I'll show you my progress tomorrow. If it's not too boring. :-)

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