Thursday, February 18, 2010

Status Report

The interminable Handstrikket soldiers on. Or at least I do. I'm barely more than halfway done with the "skirt;" I need to knit 14 inches for the bottom of the sweater and thus far I've finished a little over seven inches. Sigh. It is s-l-o-w going, but I persevere. I'm able to knit about an inch a night; with over 350 stitches per row, this is taking forever.

I wanted to show you three additions I've made to the Handstrikket: pug hair, aspirin, and buttons! My dog gets included in the things I make because he lays in my lap every evening while I knit. And this unending stockinette stitch definitely gives me a headache, so the aspirin bottle is always near by.

I found similar buttons to the original Handstrikket on Nordic Fiber Arts. The new ones are Norwegian pewter, but they're not as pretty or refined, plus they have an extra lobe on the flower. I'm going to keep shopping to see if I can find something better, but if worse comes to worst, I guess these will have to do.

I ordered a neat new notions case this week from Knit Happy. The case unrolls into four triangular-shaped, zippered sections that hold every little thing you can think of. It's a godsend; I put the case in my knitting basket and now everything is neatly within reach. No more digging in the bottom of the basket for a stitch marker or the scissors. Brilliant.

I also received a box of Berroco Pure Pima from Webs yesterday. I love the ice blue color of this soft cotton. It will be perfect for the Curvy Knits 3-Button Cardigan that Teresa and I are going to knit. Something to look forward to! But alas, the 3-Button has even more stockinette stitch than the Handstrikket! I wish I could have made that knitting machine work. Long stretches of stockinette definitely put me right to sleep. Zzzzzzz...


  1. I'd be tempted to switch the buttons on the two sweaters if you can't find any new buttons you like better.

  2. Yeah, I've been thinking about using the old sweater's buttons, too. I'm reticent to make changes to the original since it's one of the few things I have that my mom gave me (she died in 1977 at only 38 years old). I also think I'll need more than nine buttons.

    I did find similar buttons at Schoolhouse Press last night and ordered them. We'll see if they're better. They look nicer in the photos anyway.

    Thanks for reading, Ann!

  3. The pug hair and the aspirin really complement the sweater! ;)

    Very pretty buttons. The Knit Happy case is a good idea!

    I like having a stockinette project, it's a no brainer, so if I go out, let's say for a doctor's appointment or even to go visit friends, I bring my no-brainers with me that way I can sneak in a few rows here and there. All these little bits of knitting really do add up.

    You can also sit in front of the TV with your feet up and just knit away while watching a good movie. That's the nice thing about stockinette, you don't even have to look at it to do it.

    Bon courage!

  4. Hey Michele! Happy birthday, girl. I'm not sure exactly which day your birthday is, but regardless, enjoy. Make sure to make a wish!

    You're right about not having to think about stockinette... but it's SO damn boring...

  5. It is coming along!
    I did(have I mentioned it already?)receive my Yarn and am knitting my present project. No rush. Spring Project.
    As for buttons..send the photo to Windsor Button Shop in Boston via email and they will match them..they specialize in buttons!!!
    I KNOW they can find what you want.They have really nice buttons...all prices.

    That caddy is perfect!

    As for st st..get some good netflix movies and
    settle in!

    Love to see the brightness and clarity of the blog! Cheers one up and encourages one to get to knitting.
    teresa t_a
    with a small 't', btw ;-)

  6. teresa (really?), I envy you for living even remotely near Windsor Button. If these new buttons from Schoolhouse Press don't work, I'll definitely contact Windsor and see what they can do.

    Thanks as always for the support!