Sunday, March 14, 2010

By George...

By George, I think I've got it! The question is: which George?

George Will, George Michael, George Clooney, George Harrison, George Lucas, George Carlin, George Washington, Boy George, George Bush

Any of them will do, except maybe Boy George who is mega creepy and George Bush who is... well... George Bush. By the way, the saying "By George, I think I've got it" is a bastardization of the phrase "By jove, I think she's got it" from Pygmalion written, ironically, by George Bernard Shaw. (Thank God for the Internet because I would never know this otherwise).

Anyway, by George, I think I've finally got the sleeve right. I discovered last night that the Sweater Wizard pattern is just plain wrong. The math does not work on the first increase row. So I fixed this problem and some others, and knitted the fair isle portion with a size smaller needle. This Jared Flood trick really helps to maintain gauge.

As you can see, the sleeve still veers strangely to the right, but I only need to knit a few more rows with this severe pattern increase before the increases spread out and hopefully result in a quasi-normal looking sleeve. If you're a praying woman, please pray because I'm sick to death of knitting this damn sleeve.

So, to end where we began, we need a George, don't you think? How about Fifivet's cute baby afghan featuring Curious George based on a pattern grid sold by CrochetPatternsEtc.? By George, I think some lucky baby's got it!


  1. (intoned) Aaaaaah mehn !


  2. I am proud of you, my friend! You really have stuck with this project. It is looking great! xo CLK

  3. It's only because you're watching my sorry ass! So I should thank you, Chris.

    And Teresa, thank you for the early morning laugh!

  4. I'm rooting for you! Go Julie Go!!!!!!!

  5. Huh, yeah, well as far as George is concerned, I choose none of the above. I know, I'm weird, George Clooney does not do it for me, sorry... I guess I'm just not a George person... ;)

  6. Michele, Clooney is handsome, but I'd never be comfortable with a man like that. Give me Ray Romano or Bill Murray instead... tall dudes that would make me laugh. A good sense of humor is wildly sexy!

  7. None of the Georges are working for me, but the sweater sleeve looks good. Your patience will be rewarded, Julie, by a fantasically beautiful sweater!

  8. Ann, thanks for the kind words, girl! I'll be on the lookout for a great Tom, Dick, or Harry just for you. ;-)

    Thanks for reading, too.