Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like...

A sweater! One sleeve down, one to go. I decided to join the sleeve to the body so I could retrieve my knitting needle. I'm getting excited because it finally looks like a sweater. One good thing about this method of construction: although it takes forever to knit the body, by the time you finish the sleeves and attach everything to start the yoke, you've almost finished the garment. I'm looking forward to the colorwork, too. Woo hoo!

(LOL - note the red circle in the bottom left. If you blow up the picture, you'll see that it's a Webs receipt for yarn I received yesterday for an upcoming project. Made me laugh. Busted!)

Really LOVE the Handstrikket yarn, btw. Berroco Ultra Alpaca: 50% wool/50% alpaca, great stitch memory and definition, lovely colors, just wonderful to work with. I'll definitely use this yarn again.


  1. Beautiful work so far, my dear! I love the color. BTW, you should always be one step ahead on the next project. I am totally with you! CLK

  2. You give me hope. Real payoff at this point. I am starting bountiful bohus in MORE BIG GIRLS KNIT today. It is knit this way.

  3. Chris, thank you for being such a yarn addict enabler! And mostly for your ongoing support. xxxooo

    And Anonymous, if I give you hope then I've achieved my goal in life: helping larger women make sweaters that fit. The Bountiful Bohus is a great pattern - please keep me posted on your progress. If I can help you in any way, please let me know. Most of all, thanks for reading!

  4. Hey! It's beginning to look a lot like progress! You'll have a sweater soon. So what color is the next project going to be? It's not fair to tease us like this, you must divulge a little more info.... ;)

  5. The sweater looks great, Julie, and the sleeve looks spot on after all your hard work. I love the bark brown color. And I'll second Michele's comment--no fair to tease us about your next project. Come on! Tell us what's next!