Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's no yoke!

Ta-da! Pneumonia has laid me low but not so low that I couldn't take advantage of the downtime to finish up the Handstrikket's second sleeve. Not only that, but now all the pieces are hooked together and I've completed the first inch of the yoke!

I'm excited. With these bottom-up sweaters, you knit until you think you can knit no more - and then suddenly the sweater is two-thirds of the way done and the end is in sight. I started in DC but now suddenly am in Denver and San Francisco is around the bend (quite a bend, but you get the drift).

I've got to knit eight inches before I can start the colorwork - I'm really looking forward to that. I'm pretty happy with the cardigan thus far; the stranded design on the cuffs isn't perfect, but it will do. Most importantly, I'm convinced it will fit. As you all know and completely understand, this is an achievement of monumental proportions (no pun intended).

So if you're reading along and thinking, "well, if Julie can do it, maybe I could, too," you're right! Get going, girl - let's see what you're made of. Wool? Cotton? Alpaca? Whatever it is, it's beautiful.


  1. I LOVE IT! and I am so glad your feeling better! Good luck! :)

  2. glad to see you are feeling good enough to knit. It looks wonderful so far! I love the dog too, she looks like she thinks you are making this for her ;) Maybe you can make her a matching custom made sweater next ;)

  3. Julie, you would knit even if you were in a coma!!!!(God forbid)
    I should be so dedicated to my knitting.
    Your project is coming along just 'swimmingly' as the English say.
    Hey..get a load o' Moose!