Saturday, March 6, 2010

Knit. Frog. Repeat.

Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did. 
   ~ Newt Gingrich

I'm in no way a conservative Republican. But this time, Newt has it right - at least when it comes to knitting.

I slaved away on Handstrikket sleeve only to have it look like I'd made it for Wilbur in Charlotte's Web. Wilbur personified terrific, but that sleeve looked terrible.

So... sigh... you know the drill. Knit. Frog. Repeat.

I know what went wrong. To make the fair isle portion perfect, I refrained from increasing hoping that I could make up for it after in the solid brown part of the sleeve. Clearly, this didn't work.

So now I'm trying it again. I've increased every other row as instructed by the Sweater Wizard pattern, as well as when needed to make the fair isle design work. I also added three brown rows after the ribbing so that the initial blue and white section at the bottom of the sleeve won't buckle. I think this will work. We'll see.

Knit. Frog. Repeat. Persevere. Work diligently on that for which you've already worked diligently. No matter. I'd rather have it right. Wilbur doesn't need the just-right sleeve. But I sure do.

PS - Moosie says hi.  :-)


  1. At least you can figure out what went wrong..that's more than many of us can do who scratch our heads and cry out of frustration of frogging knitting frogging and knitting again!
    (then end up emailing all over the country for email help!) LOL

  2. Teresa, I know all about emailing for help on my knitting conundrums. I may be penning a missive to Sweater Wizard soon - my replacement sleeve looks almost as strange as the original!

  3. I'd hide the increases in the brown rows. You wouldn't want that gorgeous colorwork to be too tight around your wrists/forearms!