Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Knitting at The Office

What do you do when you're down in the dumps? I knit. Of course, I knit when I'm feeling happy, sad, or nothing at all. But when life leaves me overwhelmed and anxious, I crawl into my chair with my yarn and needles and watch yet another rerun of "The Office." I own every episode on DVD, plus I have my Tivo set to tape the show whenever it airs. This means I have as large a stash of Office reruns as I do yarn. It's a great combination.

Phyllis, the show's resident knitter, could be a charter member of the Knitting at Large Club. God bless her and her giant purple plastic needles and quasi-crappy variegated Lion Brand yarn. I loved the episode when she made Michael an oven mitt for Christmas. I have to admit that I've made oven mitts as gifts, but after watching that show, I'm not sure I ever will again!

Besides all the laughs, I love the great sweaters that the female cast members wear. Next time you watch this show, keep an eye out for beautiful garments. Angela's cable yoke cardigan is one of my absolute favorites, and her cute little gray fair isle is lovely, too.

The show's costumers do a fabulous job selecting sweaters for the raven haired Meredith. She consistently wears intense kelly greens, sapphires, and russets that go perfectly with her hair and skin.

Then there's Pam. She apparently owns an entire wardrobe of plain Jane cardigans in every color of the rainbow. Pam doesn't know what she's missing: stripes, patterns, fair isle yokes, cables, lace stitches, or intarsia. So boring! Although I have to say that I love a simple cardigan.

I saved the best eye candy for last. Is there a cuter dude on television than Jim? I think not. Here is a pic of his altar ego, John Krasinski, wrapped in a terrific brightly colored striped scarf. Wish I had one... I originally meant the scarf, but I'd take Jim, too!


  1. I will never watch The Office in the same way again...I NEVER paid attention to the knits! You have opened my eyes! BTW, I love Jim. CLK

  2. A SHAMELESS plug is about to happen! (LUCKILY I'm cute! LOL)

    1) Aren't you happy that you have a reader from Scranton, PA (where the Office is based) who can tell you that YES we are that ridiculous in this town?!

    2) Did you watch the St. Patricks day episode?! If so when Micheal gives Cathy Bates character (name?!) the piece of coal in the "Anthracite Heritage Museum" bag I MADE THAT BAG! I work at the AHM and the Office contacted us looking for coal and a bag so that he could give it as a gift! :)

    I don't watch the show but I love to shamelessly plug my work place! :)

    Happy knitting!

  3. Chris, I love Rainn Wilson, too... I friended him on Facebook and get missives from him all day long.

    And Miss Katie! OMG, I'm going to watch the St. Patrick's Day episode again tonight. That is SUCH a cool story! I can't believe you made the bag. I remember thinking the lump of coal was a funny tie-in to the city. What a hoot. I'm surprised you don't watch the show... maybe it's too close to home? Or maybe you're too young, being the little chickadee that you are. Thanks for sharing the story - so neat.

  4. And you are indeed cute, girl! Glad to hear that you think so, too. :-)