Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Looking sideways

In knitting, you almost always knit sweaters from the top down or the bottom up. But there's a new wave of designs that turn everything sideways - and many of these new patterns are available in ample sizes.

I'm anxious to try one of these new sweaters because it looks to me like the sideways knitting allows the fabric to automatically provide waist shaping. Look at the patterns below and you'll see what I mean. The waist natually appears in every one, although some of the patterns use short rows for shaping, too.

Vine Yoke Cardigan by Ysolda Teague
Finished bust measurement up to 56 inches

"Knit in one piece from right front around the body to the left front, with sleeves worked as you come to them. Shaping is accomplished with short rows. Lace yoke and edging patterns are given in chart form only."
Finished bust measurement up to 65.5 inches with 4 inches of ease

"Cardigan with side-to-side seamless yoke construction. A band of cables, shaped with short-rows, curves around the yoke. Short sleeves, moss stitch, and a tweedy worsted weight make for a classic layering piece."

Waterlily Sideways Cardigan by Kathy Zimmermann
Finished bust size to 57 inches

"The gorgeous Empire lines, with the stitch pattern on the bodice and sleeves reversed from that on the bell-shaped 'skirt'; the carved V neck with simple two-button closure; the I-Cord edging (which incorporates the buttonhole loops) along the front edges and back neck; the easy, logical construction-- all unite for a piece of flattering loveliness and versatility, in a great size range to boot."

Tee for Two by Helene Rush
Finished bust size to 56 inches

"The center panels, front and back, are worked from the bottom up. The side panels are worked sideways and turn into short sleeves. Trim the neck edge with one row of reverse single crochet."

Sweater Wizard offers cuff-to-cuff patterns as well. Give one of the east-to-west versions a try. I'm going to - if I can ever finish my Handstrikket.


  1. Thanks for posting these! I have Ysolda's Vine Yolk Cardigan in my Rav Queue and in fact, was planning to pick up yarn for it tomorrow! I really like the looks of the Waterlily Sideways Cardigan too --- my queue is growing! :-)


  2. Don't forget Sonnet with the option for 2 weights of yarn...The neck is stretchy, though. free on Knitty.


    I have the pattern custom upsized by the designer to a 58 finished bust size if anyone is serious about making it...I say 'serious' because I would have to type it out and send it in an email(no scanner)

  3. Heliina, tell me about it... so many projects, so little time! I need a staff to knit for me. :-)

    Teresa, for the kind offer.

    And thanks to both of you for reading my blog!