Sunday, March 21, 2010

A sneak peak

A couple of my knitting gal pals have requested information about my next project. I can't tell you everything yet, but here's a little foreshadowing...

A few months ago, while wandering around Ravelry, I came upon an darling little sweater made to fit a stuffed animal. I commented, "It's adorable! Wish it were 300 times larger so I could wear it!" Well, a long conversation ensued about sweater design in general and in plus-size knitting in particular. Although the designer is a skinny chick, she is very open and understanding about the plight of the ample knitter - so much so that she is now redesigning her little sweater in a large range of adult sizes - including one in a 62-inch finished bust size.

Woo hoo! Maybe we need to approach designers one at a time and plead our case? And present yarn companies with the fact that large knitters spend twice as much for yarn as the skinny chicks with which they're so obsessed? I've said this before and I'll say it again: it simply makes business sense to support ample knitters.

Anyway, imagine my joy when this designer asked me to test knit her ample size pattern. I agreed immediately. The designer is currently test knitting the skinny version. As soon as she finishes the upsized pattern, I'll start on it (after finishing the Handstrikket, of course, my only requirement for participation in her exciting project). So this, girls, this is what's next in my queue.

I'll have much, much more to say about this mystery project in the days to come, but here's a sneak peak at the swatch. I'm using Cascade Eco + which gives you an incredibly generous and affordable 478 yards per skein of 100% natural Peruvian wool. I was able to get 2500 yards for less than $65 from Webs. Pretty cheap for a long sleeved, hooded sweater.

I ordered Summer Sky Heather (shade 9452) thinking I was getting a light sky blue (as shown in the swatch from the Webs website below), but instead the yarn has a lot of green in it (see the swatch). As it turns out, I love it; I've been dying to make something in toned-down Tiffany blue for years and now I will.

This new project will likely bump the Three-Button Cardigan from the Curvy Knits book down a notch in my queue. I'm going to make it in Berroco Pure Pima - in a light sky blue! I hadn't thought of that until now. Makes me even gladder that the Eco + has so much green in it. It would be boring to knit the same color twice.

So girls, watch this space! Many more exciting adventures in knitting to come.


  1. Well thanks for the sneak peak :) Isn't Ravelry wonderful though? One on one interaction with designers and the possibilities of getting test knitting, help with our own projects and the generous sharing of info! Wow, what did we ever do before Ravelry!

  2. It must feel great being asked to be a test knitter! Kudos!
    I am looking at that mountain of gorgeous stash.
    Makes one want to knit after seeing that photo.
    As for the! What a difference in colors. But ya know...I actually like the color of the swatch more than the blue one.
    You have got your hands full.Busy Busy.
    Reminds me of that old 3D video, the Last Knit LOL I identify every time I see it,
    addict that I am.

  3. Michele, Raverly just ROCKS. It's better than Facebook and my Blackberry and cable TV all in one. Now if I could just get all my knitting gal pals like you to move to DC, I'd be one happy woman. :-)

    Teresa, truth in lending: the photo isn't from my stash. It is an image of a mountain of yarn that illustrated my point. (I'm not that into variegated yarn either because it knits into lots of horrid horizontal lines - as I've endlessly opined in the past.) And thanks SO much for that fabulous video!