Saturday, April 3, 2010

A little sheepish

While I'm busy knitting my Handstrikket's fair isle yoke, I thought I'd amuse you with some strange and unusual sheep. This idea dawned on me after seeing Kristen Nichols' knitted sheep decorations. By this I don't mean she makes household items that look like sheep. No. She actually makes adornments for her flock, such as little sweaters and this pretty lei. Whimsical? Yes. Practical? Not so much.

I knew I was on to something when I got this photo of a sheep drinking at a water fountain. Smart sheep. My beloved pug couldn't do this. He'd be passed out on the pavement first.

And how about this New Zealand-based sheep-shaped building? Aptly enough, it is called the Sheep Wool Gallery and sells sheep skin rugs and other novelties. Wonder if they sell yarn, too.

After New Zealand, we'll know we've headed south into hell when we come across this mega-creepy punk rock sheep. Don't know about you, but if this monster headed my way, I'd turn and run.

While in hell, check out the furniture. Tell me this isn't the creepiest easy chair you've ever seen. ICK!

Ascending from hell, we'd be happy to find this beautiful sheep dedicated to truth, justice, and the American way. My favorite part: the legs. Enlarge this photo and check out the brushwork. Gorgeous!

Finally, as my Easter gift to you, I am passing on a link to the cutest little sheep pattern you'll ever see. Barbara Prime, the queen of knitted animals, has graciously posted her Fuzzy Lamb pattern for free. I haven't made Barbara's lamb, but I did make her pug and I can tell you, she designs adorable creatures. Check out her other patterns for little jackets and sweaters. I made the anorak for my knitted pug - so cute!

So happy Easter everyone. Or happy spring, Passover, or weekend. No matter which, enjoy.


  1. Where do you ever find these things!!!!
    Obviously you are getting back to feeling
    Happy Easter to you and all on the blog.

  2. Happy Easter to you also and I am glad you are feeling better! Luv all the sheep! Except maybe the one from hell, but there is artistry in that too, oh well, luv them all.

  3. I'm just loving your blog! I know it's months and months later, but it's great fun to read, and follow your progress, albeit belatedly!

  4. xxxooo, Shelda! I'm glad you found my blog and I'm glad to find you again. Keep reading - and thanks!