Sunday, April 18, 2010

Look what I've been up to

Still need to add the placket and seam the underarms but the Handstrikket is near completion. I'm afraid the sleeves are going to be way too long, but I'll decide that after the seaming. Maybe I could cut them and graft them back together? Sounds like a nightmare but I may be forced to do it.

My other problem: I've lost about 30 pounds since I started this thing so I'm afraid it's too large. I'm thinking about steeking the front sides, removing an inch or three, and then doing the placket. Roomy is fine, but I don't want a baggy cardigan. Tom says it doesn't look too big, but that's probably because the front sides curl in so it looks a couple of inches smaller anyway. Tom's on his way over; I'll have him take a picture of me wearing the Handstrikket and then you can tell me what you think about the size.

Just as a reminder, here's the original Handstrikket cardigan I re-created. I'm pleased with my version and the modifications I made, especially dropping the hip patterning. I tried the picot edging on the neckline but it came out really thick and clunky so I ripped it out and started again with smaller needles. I ended up knitting an inch of 1x1 ribbing and then casting off. This works better, maybe because I'm using worsted yarn rather than the fingering used in the original.

I can't wait to get this done so I can knit something small and fast to meet my need for instant gratification. I'm contemplating a pair of socks and these great Northman Mittens by David Schulz. My plan is to use the yarn leftover from the Handstrikket for the mittens. Having a pair of light blue and white mitts would be great to wear with my denim jacket.

But I need to finish the Handstrikket first. Seaming is next and then the hard decisions about shortening the sleeves and removing some extra inches from the front. And blocking! Can't wait to get this thing blocked. I will, of course, keep you posted.


  1. This is simply gorgeous! I so very much prefer your version to the original. Each are products of their era in color choice. Yours is bold and soft at the same time.

    I'm sorry to read about the sizing issues, but hey! Congratulations on losing 30 pounds, that's awesome! Better to go that direction than gain 30 pounds while knitting a sweater and have it be too small.

    For me, I say leave the size as is if Tom says it looks good on you. It's great to have a cuddly oversize sweater for those really cold winters. It'll be snuggly and happy then.


  2. Trace, so glad you like the colors! And I agree with you... I think a cuddly oversize cardi will be perfect for me. It's half alpaca so I'm going to wear it as an almost-coat anyway. Thanks so much for the kind words of support, girl.

  3. Darn! I do get notice of your posts a few days late! Anyway, the cardigan looks amazing and I agree, it looks much better without the hip patterning. Congrats on loosing 30 pounds, that's really hard to do (believe me I know). Those mittens are gorgeous, can't wait to see them done in your colors.