Friday, April 2, 2010


I'm toiling away on my Handstrikket and have finally gotten to the fun part: the colorwork yoke!

In this picture, you can see the beginnings of the stranded yoke at the top and the cuff of the sweater on the bottom. I'm loving the colors and the way it's coming out. The current drawback: since I'm knitting across the front, back, and both sleeves, this is the place in the sweater where it has the most stitches. LOTS-O-STITCHES. Takes a L-O-N-G time to finish a single row.  But I'll get my first big round of decreases when I finish knitting just one more inch. Then it should start moving.

I'm beginning to contemplate the front placket and the neckline. Sweater Wizard suggests just picking up stitches and knitting an inch, but I don't think this will look very polished. The knitter who made the original Handstrikket picked up stitches, knitted two inches, and then folded the placket back to make a facing. This would be fine but I need to look at how she did the buttonholes. I'm going to do some research on how Elizabeth Zimmermann dealt with her plackets and necklines, too. I'll let you know what I find out.

In the meantime, I'm watching some ample knitters make their Solstice Three-Button Cardigans and I'm jealous! I'm anxious to make this pretty summer sweater and it's next up in my queue (unless the mystery sweater I mentioned a couple of weeks ago comes through). I also want to sneak in a small project between the Handstrikket and the next sweater project - I need some instant gratification BAD. I'm contemplating a pair of socks. We'll see...


  1. I picked up that Solstice number as a Favorite through your introduction on Ravelry. I'm contemplating making it myself as well. It's really do cute! I'm very pear shaped and all my weight is in my belly, however, so I do have a little fear it would make me look pregnant than I already look... guess the only real solution there is to actually get pregnant! ;)

    Please educate me: What is a "placket?"


  2. Hey Trace! Thanks for reading. I think you'd look adorable in the Solstice and not pregnant at all - unless and until you are!

    One mod I'm planning to make that might address your concern is to extend the placket to the bottom of the sweater. The placket is the piece of fabric that runs perpendicularly down the front of a cardigan. In the original design, the creator uses only three buttons and the belly can therefore gape. I'm personally sick to death of belly gape cardigans (read and I don't think they're becoming unless you weigh 98 pounds. Anyway, you might want to consider extending the placket to the bottom and thereby covering your belly.

    PS - No one is looking at your belly because they're enchanted by your sweet smiling face. Just in case you didn't know, I'm telling you!

  3. Ha! You ARE adorable!

    If you surf the 9 million projects of that sweater on Ravelry, there is at least one that extends the placket to the bottom (thanks for the definition of that!). To be honest, I thought that removed much of the charm of this sweater; it looked rather ordinary to me afterward. See if you can find the project and tell me what you think.

    (anonymous since all of a sudden, it won't verify my LiveJournal ID)

  4. Wow! That project is really coming along nicely.
    After that you need a Bulky yarn project or a few One-Ball stash busting projects to
    (a-hem) 'unwind'.

  5. ba-dum-dum *ching*! very good, Teresa! Yes, I'm looking forward to something that doesn't take me three months to finish. I wish I'd liked that knitting machine... it takes forever to finish a sweater for me. In my next life, I get to have a 34-inch finished bust size and I'll whip out sweaters every month.